Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How I keep out of trouble.

It is officially "next" month so I have cast on ( strike that) knit on Jacki's "Ballet Examiner's Shawl." I am using the Vernal Equinox pattern again, I like it so much, with two strands of Fiddlesticks Zephyr wool silk and a 3.5mm Addi turbo lace needle. I am very satisfied with the result. The two stands will give it a little more body, for serviceability, without decreasing the lacy look. Beautiful to knit with......wool and the needle.

The nephew sweater progresses nicely. Back and sleeves are finished and I am on to the interesting bit.

I give you CHIN........


and Nose (or lack thereof)

tonight I hope to get to the brain.

Corinne's socks are also progressing steadily toward the heel. The pattern I am using is called "Falling Water" a freebie on Ravelry. However as the pattern was written top down and I am knitting toe up..I refer to them as the "Geyser Socks" I will insert a picture tonight. (edit to add picture)

and I may get a chance to swatch out the first graph for the Children of the Earth Scarf. That is if I give up eating and sleeping and working.
The car has been repaired ( see whining on the other blog) and I am committed to stash diving for the next two months while I pay Carl back for bailing me out. He is the sweetest guy. EVER.

The Red Mohair Coat is finished! Thank you Julia for all your help! It will be perfect for spring. (edit to add picture)




FeyRhi said...

Lovely Lovely Lovely. After I finish Chris sweater I am going to use that chart and do the skull in reverse stitch for myself. That is just so cool LOL

You mohair tuned out incredible, Jules did a great job sewing it up.

My sock rocks!!!!!!!!!! ;o)

Susan said...

Julia did the majority of the knitting on the mohair coat. I did the finishing up knitting and construction. I hope to be able to wear it to the Frolic.