Monday, August 17, 2009

Dadgum, Rafflesnaklefritz

"A tapestry of obscenities that as far as we know is still hanging in space over Lake Michigan."
That's one of my favourite movie quotes, and quite fitting considering the language I uttered today. The horrible has happened.....

I ran out of yarn!

Just typing those words has me on the verge of another outburst. My pattern called for 1100yds. I had 1400yds. I heard tales that this book was very much off the mark when it came to yardage needed for their patterns, but with a 300yd buffer I thought I'd be safe.

Apparently not.

It's not like I can pop out to my local to get another ball. I ordered this online from Germany, because it is the only place that carried the colourway I wanted. Hopefully the dye lot will be the same, not that it's a bit concern because unless there is a HUGE difference it should be unnoticeable.
I'm just so pissed.
The last time I ordered from them, it only took 6 days for the yarn to arrive. Not bad at all as far as I was concerned. The real burn this time is that I expect the yarn will arrive next Monday. Only I won't be here. grrrrrr I'll be in Montreal on a mini vacation. I had such great plans of knitting on my shawl on the train and with a bit of luck it would be finished by the time I got home.
I'm going to go cast on a pair of socks.
~Daughter #1

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ordering on line......

My first attempt at ordering wool on line and it was a success. Here is the wool for the Halloween vest. As I mentioned before the cotton just didn't cut it so when all else fails buy the wool the designer suggests. I must add that Knit Picks has excellent service! Son #2 told me about the "Visa My Treat" card that can be bought at Macs. Who knew? A preloaded Visa card that enables me to shop online......vistas await
This is "Unicorn"....wool alpaca & nylon sock yarn...pour moi... no time soon though...sigh
Yesterday I worked on the shawl for Jacki and turned the toe on the second black sock. The shawl is coming along nicely. I mean I have 2 weeks yet...who's worried?
Sometimes I am so scathingly brilliant it amazes even me. You know how the sun bleaches out computer screens...well... I put the portable dvd player in the Knit Pics box to keep it out of the sun and watched a movie whilst I knit outside. Worked a charm..ta dah!!!
Back to the shawl!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It is the little things that bring joy....

I am easily pleased. I was approaching the end of the ribbing on Carl's black sock when PKDD set in. I just came across this expression and I think it is perfect. Thank you Helen for passing it along. The suspense is killing you I know. So here you go....Post Knitting Disappointment Disorder. OMG that is so perfect. I have been unhappy in the extreme with the cast off on my toe up socks. Disappointment in this final step,(pun intended) ergo, no joy in sock ville. I tried everything I knew.

Increasing stitches, casting off with a larger needle, EZ's sewn cast off. Hauling 4 yards of yarn through every stitch twice was a drag. All to no avail. When all else failed I googled "cast off toe up socks" and "eh voila."

Wendy of "www.wendyknitsdotnet" came to my rescue with a "variation of a Russian bind off" This is the best cast off ...ever.... hands down!. I am totally chuffed .

I render the directions here. Remember I knit with 5 needles adjust accordingly if you are a circular knitter. I was using a knit 2 purl 1 rib. The directions reflect this, also adjust according to your rib.

Knit the first stitch on needle 1. Slip this stitch onto needle 4. makes a nicer join at the end.

Knit 1 purl 1 slip the left needle through the two stitches (on the right needle) as if to purl and now purl these 2 stitches together.

Knit 1, now knit this stitch with the previous purl 2 tog.

Knit 1, now knit this stitch with the previous knit 2 tog.

Purl 1, now purl this stitch with the previous knit 2 tog.

Keep on going. Knit or purl as the stitches present themselves.

It is the nicest finish an wonderful and stretchy. For anyone with a high instep this is invaluable.

Now, on the " I will knit this next" list: a tale of woe and confession.

Once upon a time (20 years ago) I began to knit son #1 a true "Alice Starmore inspired" fair isle vest. It was a beautiful pattern comprised of traditional motifs by yours truly, see above.

Life intruded and I didn't finish it until about 4 years later. Yup you guessed it. The vest shrunk in the knitting basket, funny how that happens. I finished said vest and entered into a fall fair and took a red ribbon ( in Canada firsts are red!) Then I sold the vest! This apparently added insult to injury.

I thought perhaps he had "grown out" of the idea. But I was informed yesterday this is not so and I am being held accountable. He doesn't want to hear about the wool in my stash or my ideas he wants me to ante up the goods and no more procrastination.

Son #2 had a wonderful time stirring up the pot by reminding #1 of the 2 sweaters I have knit him since then. In my defence I did knit (whilst wearing sun glasses) #1 a fluorescent orange jacket to wear hunting, so no one would shoot him and although it is appreciated it does not assuage his need for the fair isle.
So, let me see, I have to finish Jackie's shawl, the other black sock, Molly's socks and my left foot....
So I think I should be able to cast on the fair isle when I get back from my holiday. The Knitter's Fair is the Saturday after I get back I will shop for wool then.....or I could look online..Hmmmm?????

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Moving right along.

The last two projects I blogged about have been the centre of my attention as of late. The Gymnast LOVE her new hat. This is Vortex in the colours of her choosing.

My SteamPunk Shawl is just flying along. I'm 7 rows away from finishing body of it and then I'll have to do the knit border. I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's done and blocked. The picture was taken when I was about 3/4 the way done the body.

I have a couple new projects in the wings, a pair of socks and mitts. Yes, Mitts. Summer has not been very seasonal this year and I find myself looking at winter projects already. Of course there is always Hubby's skull sweater. Poor guy, his projects always get pushed aside. I'd like to finish up his sweater this Fall.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On the "good news/bad news" front.

Good news: The "other" wool shop here in the city has been sold. I was holding a personal moratorium on spending any money in there after the owner was so rude to me.

Bad news: They stock Koigu, Premium Merino the most delicious of 100% pure merino wool. Made in Canada yet! Dastardly expensive. Now that the moratorium has been lifted I will be shopping in there. There goes my retirement $$.

Good news: I have cast on the socks for Molly, of Celtic Swan fame, out of the above mentioned Koigu KPM in a luscious purple.

Bad news: This wool is so gorgeous to knit with I may be scared for life. The stitch definition is nothing short of stunning. How will my regular sock yarn ever compete? How come, when I try to photo purple wool it always turns out blue. (??)

Good news: I am going to Connecticut in like three weeks....cheering madly

Bad news: I have three weeks to finish the shawl for Jacki. Procrastination thy name is Susan.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Relaxing at Last.

Having a long weekend with nothing to do but lay around has been very good for me. I am burnt out and needed this break. Last night I woke up shrieking again. According to Carl it is almost blood curdling, poor beggar. Guess that whole intruder thing (see other blog) has bothered me more than I thought.
So, I have been sock knitting this weekend. My second sock is progressing nicely and YES I know they do not match. The yarn is called "exotic" for a reason. I like them this way.
Susan's Exotics

I am enthroned on the lounge chair, in the garden, knitting on the black socks. It was brighter (sunnier) yesterday, which was perfect for "black" knitting. I have turned the heel and like this pattern better than the Time Team pair. This time I used the Wendy Knits Heel.
Ebony socks
Here are the Time Team honour of the archaeological layers, with Maia's Gusset Heel. I am giving you links to both. I just find the Wendy heel more to my taste and I like the fit. It is always good to know different ways of doing things. I am doubtful I will knit socks any other way than toe up from now on.
I had to model his socks he says he loves them. All together..awwwww... and that's why I am knitting him the black ones he asked for.

Time Team Socks
Now I have to tell you about this! Momentous stuff. I was reading an Heirloom Knitting post which took me to another blog, you know how that happens. Well, I came across Celtic Swan Forge. Just beautiful things to be found there. I want a Spinner's Hook and a Celtic Broach and..and.. Once you have been there you will understand. Molly and I have been exchanging emails and I am going to make her a pair of Wyvern socks. We are going to have a good old barter. Check out the "Sock exchange" Deadline to sign up is August 15, 2009. This pattern is a very enjoyable knit and I am sure Molly will like them. Tomorrow I am going to drag myself ( drag?...ya right) into the wool shop to pick up some 100% wool . Oh goody goody.

Wyvern socks

Did you notice? Even my knitting has jewellery. I received those markers from the sock roulette, which reminds me I have not posted a picture yet. Next time. Anyway, I use those markers all the time.

It is becoming windy I have to move my chair and as the sun is "over the yardarm" somewhere in the world I may just have a glass of wine. So there.