Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Colour" should be my middle name!

This is the Knitman's Hand Dyed Sock Yarn. Colours: Mosel (upper), Lagoon (right) and Firebird (left)
 4mm needle, it's the Linen Stitch Scarf. All for me. This remind me of the mosaic ceilings in the church of San Marco, Venice....sigh
Every row comes out a little different than the repeat before.The scarf will be about 5 inches wide..thereabouts.
 I finally have all the wool for Marc's sweater and will get that on the needles next week. We are going away for the weekend to visit with family. I will take this scarf to work on. In the meantime I am content to sit in the quiet and watch the pattern unfold. Both sides of this scarf are simply stunning!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hairy Hats and Humming Alpacas

Chemo Caps: Mindless knitting of the hat variety has been about all I have accomplished this month. I have so many projects in the air the juggling act is getting ridiculous. I have yarn to knit about 6 more of these and then I am done, at least for the time being. On the charity knitting front I also have a baby all-in-one for St Luke's Mission Hospital. That deserves a post all it's own. More on that one later.
This is my Aphelandra ( Zebra Plant). The spikes were bright yellow they have now turned green and as everything outside the window is turning brown this is an ongoing source of pleasure.
Woodstock Fleece Festival: Look at this orphan baby alpaca, 5 weeks old. What a sweety. Everyone was getting a kick out of the black one behind her. The humming was so loud. When everyone laughed the black one would then hum all the louder.
The llamas were intently listening to Julia. They seemed oblivious to the fact it was raining. I told Todd he was a trooper for putting up with two women with a fiber obsession.
This is Billy (angora goat). He kept smacking his head into the rails in typical male goat fashion.
and then there was Sammy the Angora bunny.
Julia would have taken him home in a second.
There were twice as many vendors this year which was very good. I spoke with the girl's from Spun (Corinne's LYS) and they said it was a very good show. Julia won the last door prize of the day and everyone made a fuss over her name. It was all very exciting. I showed a great deal of restraint. I did purchase 2 pounds of fleece dyed in the most delicious colours and I found someone who services old spinning wheels. My little castle wheel needs some TLC. I think I may get it out tonight and have a go at some spinning. It has been ages but I think it is probably like riding a bike. Once you learn you never forget.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Knitting Karma

I admit I have a habit of starting a bunch of projects at the same time, and many of them are never finished. But, after a phone call the other day from a friend I have a very good reason to start and finish a few new pretties.

A friend of mine called me the other day and told me that her niece has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is facing a mastectomy. A terrifying situation to face no matter what age you are but to have to make such a difficult decision in your 20's breaks my heart. But, the real reason for her call is that she wanted to know what 'p2tog' meant.
She and her daughters are knitting chemo caps for Mount Sinai Hospital and could I help them and would I be willing to knit some too?

I was on Ravelry as soon as I got home and digging through my stash minutes after that. I started a cap but then ripped it out. I mean, it looked like something my granny would wear and cancer doesn't discriminate according to age. So, I've found some funky patterns and yarns that would appeal to a younger age group. I need to have as many finished as possibly by the end of the month. As soon as their done I'll take a picture of them.

My first project is an Aviator style cap I found on the Head Huggers website. Great site with lots of patterns for all different crafters.

~Daughter #1

Friday, October 1, 2010

Light turquoise cotton sweater.

This sweater was knit about 10 years ago. That says a lot about the yarn. This is a worsted weight cotton from Greece. When I knit this cardigan the yarn was being sold as Intermezzo Aran by Elann. The pattern was a Leisure Arts leaflet.....which I am looking for.
I have tossed it in the washer and dryer. Once I spilt coffee all over one sleeve and it still washes up like new. It actually fits me again!
The pattern was for a sleeveless top. I used Ann Budd's wonderful sweater book to knit a dropped shoulder sleeve. I stuck 3 repeats of lace down the middle of the sleeve. I am thinking I would like to make another one for spring. The stash has lots and lots of this cotton just crying out to be knit. Now, where did I see that leaflet last...Hmmmm????? The pattern is out of print now. So WHEN I find it if anyone else wants to have a go just send me an email. I would be happy to share.
Later the same evening: I found the photo copy I knit from, somewhere hides the original. It is Leisure Arts leaflet 868. I have all my notations and the sleeve pattern.
It is moments like this when I justify keeping every pattern I have ever knit...basking in the glow.
Just for the heck of it I "googled" the pattern and look what I found? For sale on Etsy!!! I bought it. Just in case I can't find my original. I love it when everything comes together..sqeeeeee