Sunday, May 31, 2009

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Clue #3 was released today for the Mystery Anniversary Shawl. So far, I have Clue 1 done. I'd like to get clues #2-3 done before next Saturday. Lofty goals considering how fast the stitch count is adding up. LOL. I really like the pattern so far and I'm loving the yarn.

How's yours doing MUM???

Knit Picks Shadow Kettle Dyed "Jay"

I've been working on my Insidious socks for Sock Wars. To be honest I was hoping I'd be dead by now and could, guilt free, ship the socks to my assassin to finish. Terrible. I know, but I really want to work on my shawl. I have about 9 rows left till the toe decrease, not too much since my target wears a size 7. I was working on it while doing my volunteer/voluntold hours at my daughter's gymnastic competition this weekend.

I love these sock so much and I wonder if my procrastination is because I don't want to give them away. LOL As soon as I put them in the mail, I'll be over at SPUN picking up another ball to make my self a pair.

Tofutsies #930 Pernacious

Monday, May 25, 2009

C'est fini......

This is the first weekend I had that time and weather co operated. I dragged the chaise out of the gargage and tossed the old quilt on it. Accompanied by my laptop and my knitting I spent a blissful Saturday sewing up Matt's sweater and watching Google videos on Ancient Britain. A very satisfying day!
I can finally cast on the Anniversay shawl. Now I realize I am approaching the dreaded 90% level on the "Tablecloth." Corinne had a great idea. If I commit to knitting at least one row a day on the daffodil it will be finished in 3 weeks....and I can knit in the shawl. Win win all around.

I will send the sweater off tomorrow with a ball band ( for washing directions)and a note explaining to my nephew that the creative process can not be governed by the weather. (see post below) He won't be able to wear this till the fall. Nothing like getting a pure wool sweater at the onset of summer.....oh well

Summer Projects...100% wool

There is one specific fact about dealing with string and sticks that every fibre artist has to contend with. The seasons you start a project is not always the same season it gets finished in. Especially if you suffer from Startitus, which I am plagued with every once in a while. I am often knitting on light colourful cotton projects in the middle of winter and then trying to work on heavy woolen projects in the summer. I guess that might be one explanation for my recent obsession with socks. They get worn year round and there is a much faster turn over. *G* I found a pattern for a winter project that could be done in an evening or two, but it would be best to start it now.

This is a knitted helmet liner, referred to as a Wooly Pulley. The pattern can be found HERE It has to be 100% wool, NO ACRYLICS. Remember that the troops can be exposed to extreme heat in some situations and they don't need their liner melting against them. Also wool is still warm even when wet. This is something that wouldn't take long to make up a few of them, and still have lots to time to get it shipped overseas to the troops before it gets cold. Hopefully, by that time I will have found an address I can send it to for our troops.

I'll give the Americans full credit, I think that they do a lot more for their soldiers then we do. There are tons of groups that donate knitted accessories for their troops. Now what frustrates me is how hard it is to do anything like that for our Canadian Forces. When I was a Girl Guide leader, we wanted to send cards to them and I got so frustrated trying to send a package to the troops and make sure it GETS to the troops overseas. The Canadian Forces have so many rules and regulations with packages and web pages to fumble through, I spent hours and just got more frustrated.

One of these days,I'm going to set up something myself. Right now I just don't have the time to commit to it and I want to do it right not half-assed. If anyone knows of something that is already set up for the Canadian Forces, PLEASE let me know!

~Daughter #1

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh boy,

The table cloth proceeds in snail like proportions. Around and around and slow as a turtle. I am looking forward to something else to work on. This has been 3 months of almost single dedication. I need colour!! Boring thy name is ecru!

The Anniversary Shawl KAL ( Mother's Day gift from eldest..sweet child) is calling to me..


and that's a big but I promised to finish Matt's Skull sweater first before I cast on anything new.
Can you believe it? I have run out of black wool! Me the Queen of, "buy another ball...just in case." Oye vey, now I have to run out after work and HOPE they have another ball. Carl is away this evening so it is chick flicks on the telly and a massive drive to finish the last of this project.

I am having a lunch time respite on Corinne's Geyser socks. I am getting ready to turn the gusset heel "toe up." Something new! When your my age their aren't many "new" things left....lolol
(edit: yes they had another ball of black and I kinda picked up 2 more balls of Kaffe's Exotica sock yarn. I mean it would look chinsy to use the debit card for a $6 purchase, eh?)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aww, I had one of these

I am such a sucker for nostalgia stuff. I had one of these needle cards. You just don't see them any more. They were super sharp sewing needles.........and it had my name on it. I am such a "girl"

Friday, May 15, 2009

Anniversary Shawl goodies

Here is my Mother's day laceweight. I am all ready for the KAL that begins tomorrow. BTW, I am over a thousand stitches per round on the tablecloth..So, whose counting?
Hysterical laughter

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I drank the beer....

The Guinness socks are finished. Not bad for my first attempt at designing my own socks. (aside from them being to small and no longer fitting my big hoofers) The pattern is 'Fractured Lattice' from Barbera Walker, the yarn is Poems by Wisdom Yarn. So pretty and soft. I'm planning on making another pair for myself, with appropriate adjustments of course.

26.5 hours until the start of Sock Wars. I have my new Addi sock needles thanks to mum. I'm going to divide up my ball of yarn and I'll be ready to cast on as soon as I get off work. I just want to get started! This waiting is killing me. Also the Mystery KAL starts on Saturday. So many pretties to make, so little time.

**The photo isn't mine, I lay no claim to it. It was found on Flickr HERE. Delicious looking photo, see the little shamrock on the top of the foam?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Look what came in the post......

Gotta love ColourMart!
Merino, 2 plies, cobweb weight, for the Queen.
I am going to knit this?
What on earth am I thinking?
That is one thin dime.
Progress report on the tablecloth...row138..whole lot of stitches...Ahhhhhhh

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Row 134

We have a daffodil! 34 more rows to go!!

Sheep dash...

Cute game from the BBC. How fast are your reactions?

Simply Knitting...gotcha

Well, look who has been caught out. How embarrassing for them. You just know that I just have to send them an email and give them a hard
I was struck by how awkward this model looked whilst holding her knitting......where is her yarn?
Then I came across this picture. If she can "throw" the yarn with her little finger, well this I have to see....
You would think a "knitting magazine" would have caught this before it went to press. In all other respects this is a very professional magazine.

Too funny.


Friday, May 8, 2009

When it's time to hibernate....

Exactly what is the time limit when you have to accept the fact that a project in your knitting bag has reached hibernation status and should be moved to the closet to make room for the new projects? My Hallowe'en mystery shawl and Mitered kids jacket haven't been out of my knitting bag in over a month. Honestly I can't see myself working on either of them in the foreseeable future. So if I take them out...I have so much more room in my bag.

We have had our first taste of early summer and I find myself with a list of projects I plan to cast on in the next couple weeks. It must be a Spring fertility thing, my new projects are multiplying. LOL

Mum and I are going to be doing the Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl '09 starting May 16. On May 15th I'll be casting on a pair of socks for Sock Wars. Then there is the Clapotis I really want to make after seeing a finished one at the Knitter's Frolic.

Now the mystery shawl and socks have to be worked on inside a specific time frame, so they shouldn't count. The Clapotis is because I need something easy to knit when I'm at the kidlet's gymnastic tournaments.

I'll have my Guinness socks done before all that starts, so all that leaves is Chris' cabled sweater. Wow that's not bad at all. Technically, I will only have 2 projects on the go. I can cast on that lovely yellow-green yarn for my (ravelry link)Kiila knee socks. Guilt Free!!!

Birthday Wish List

Now that I am planning on getting back into spinning this summer I need some new tools: A niddy noddy.
A new swift. I am not sure if this one has a clamp..Gotta have a clamp so it doesn't move.
A ball winder. I had the use of one back when I had the shop. Miss it dearly

I also need some bobbins for my Traditional Ashford and a Lazy Kate.

Shop Canadian ! All the above are available from The Black Lamb in Port Hope. Either in person or on line.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Queen Has Arrived

Now the sight of this envelope may not excite most people but I am thrilled. My pattern arrived from Heirloom Knitting in England. That is the longest month I ever put in. lol It took 10 days for my order to get there and then 3 weeks to get to me. Oh well, a ship used to take 3 months...;o)

The yarn is on order from ColourMart. I am starting my Mother's Day knit-a-long with Corinne on the 16th of May. I have a lot of reading and planning to do before I begin to cast on what I have decided to call the "Tzarina." I won't be wearing it to work that is for sure.

I am wearing my last Goddess Knits Mystery Shawl to work today. It is perfect for those little drafts that haunt my office.