Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Queen Has Arrived

Now the sight of this envelope may not excite most people but I am thrilled. My pattern arrived from Heirloom Knitting in England. That is the longest month I ever put in. lol It took 10 days for my order to get there and then 3 weeks to get to me. Oh well, a ship used to take 3 months...;o)

The yarn is on order from ColourMart. I am starting my Mother's Day knit-a-long with Corinne on the 16th of May. I have a lot of reading and planning to do before I begin to cast on what I have decided to call the "Tzarina." I won't be wearing it to work that is for sure.

I am wearing my last Goddess Knits Mystery Shawl to work today. It is perfect for those little drafts that haunt my office.



FugueStateKnits said...

Such beautiful work! You have inspired me to get going on my already existing lace projects so I can finish them:)
Take care,

Susan said...

Thank you Joan. I have always liked maths and I think that is why I have found knitting lace so enjoyable. Its all about "adding and taking away" simple concept but the results are exciting! I will be checking to see what you are up to.

Susan said...

Hola! I'm so glad that it's finally arrived. I expect that you'll have it done by the end of May? No? Why ever not? LOL. Hope you are well.

Susan said...

...and how much knitting are you doing wandering around Espania and slugging back sangerias she asked whilst filled with envy? Good to hear from you kiddo. Take lots of pictures!!