Saturday, August 21, 2010


I was recently pointed out to me that I have been very remiss in my progress posting here. To tell the truth I haven't made much progress lately. I've started more then my share of projects but that is normal. LOL I have limited time in my evening to devote to my projects and writing has taken precedent lately.

SO, in an attempt to redeem myself, Here is a big ole update on me.

Hubby's Sweater: After riiiiiiping the entire sweater out and starting over I am finally past where I ended the first time. I divided off for the front and then mum suggested a better way to do the henley neck. So, more riiiiiiping and that is where I've paused. (No picture yet)

Finished Waffle Socks: I love the colours and can't wait to wear them. It's still a little warm but fall is coming fast.

Wicked Shawl: I bought some wicked witch yarn from knit picks ages ago and have finally started a shawl. We're going away to Jamaica in a month and I think this will be the project I'll take with me. I'm not naive enough to think I'll have it done before hand.

Lace Scarf: I'm knitting this for a friend of mine. At the rate I'm going, I might have it done by Yule for her. I hope.

Scotty Hat: I love the new Star Trek (have you watched it yet mum?)but, I especially love Simon Pegg as Scotty and the floppy toque he wears in the movie.. I looked on Ravelry and of course someone has already written a pattern to duplicate it. LOL Supa easy knit and I love the colour. I might make a couple more of these.

I will try to do better at updating here ;-)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Totally Obsessed

I have been looking for a circular blocking wire for months, nay, years. I read, with abounding joy, over at the Faculty Meeting Knitter , of a source for said wire. I fired off an email, on a Friday evening, to Down In The Country Fibers. Totally amazed the next day to receive an email back apologizing because she didn't catch the noon mail on Saturday. Then I got a credit back for an overcharge on the postage. Service like this is rare indeed. Kudos to Down In The Country.
Detail from the sleeve for the Lily Chin sleeve which I am knitting flat.
I must say that I feel it is a cop out for a designer to say "increase or decrease in pattern" when the "pattern" is lace. Can I do this? Of course. However if I wanted to write a pattern I would. Time constraints mean I now have to use my limited knitting time writing the pattern before I can proceed. Ticks me off and means this dress is going to take even longer to knit.
Now this is total enjoyment. The Crocus Shawlette is moving right along. I have finished row 54 of chart 2. The pictures were taken in natural light and are the exact colour of the wool Colin so cleverly dyed.
Half the work gently blocked. Just look at those nupps. Gorgeous if I do say so.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Feast your eyes on this.....

Those little beggars are NUPPS and I made 'em. Woo Hoo me!
Basking in the glow.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crocus Shawlette.

The yarn I ordered from KNITMAN'S KITCHEN..... BEFORE, I started my yarn fast has finally cleared Canada Customs. Colin's service is excellent, his colours bright and colour fast and the yarn is always the best quality. It is when the yarn arrives in Canada that the whole thing comes to a grinding halt. I paid duty, taxes and then a handling charge, probably for storing it for over 2 weeks..ridiculous.
This is the 100% Blue Faced Leicester Lace weight (colour, shades of harlot) I previously bought from Colin. I have been looking for JUST the right pattern to showcase the colour. This is the Crocus Shawl.(Ravelry link) The pattern is available in 3 sizes!! I am knitting with a 3mm Addi lace and believe me with out it this pattern would be a bitch to knit. Lots of challenges. I am using #8 silver lined crystal beads.
Yesterday was the first day I have had to sit and knit for an afternoon, uninterrupted by phones or humidity. It was glorious. remember you can " click" on the pictures to see the detail.
This pattern even has nupps. The jury is out on whether I am going to try them again. I wimped out on the first chart and left them out. I am about to start then next chart. We will see. Stay tuned.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

C'est fini!

...except for weaving in the ends then we shall have a picture of me wearing it. This shawl is huge. It is just what I wanted for the fall. All those tedious stitches were worth it! We had company this Civic Holiday weekend.
Daphne was observing an ant on the grape leaf when she wasn't watching me peg this out to dry.
Can you see the beads on the edge? Click to enlarge.
Callaghan, the greying Anubis, watched the whole procedure with disdain.
As I said it is huge. Originally I had 2 skeins of Hand Maiden Fine Sea Silk and a 3.75mm needle. There is a small ball left over.
It is a good idea to take pictures while you are working. I thought I had everything pinned until I took the picture and then spotted the section on the right. Crawling around on my hands and knees and dazzled by the sun I was glad to have the camera for perspective.
Daphne spots a butterfly. She distracts easily.