Monday, May 24, 2010

Long Weekend Project

I have ensured my rating as coolest Grand mother EVER with the latest project.
Gothlet grand daughter should be suitably impressed.
This is a cover for her sketch pad. She loves to draw soooooooooo ...
Above: the front cover. Below: detail of front cover.

Back cover:
Just to make sure she never a label on the inside of the front cover.

...with my lady bug trademark!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday was play day.

Corinne had sent me a note, on Ravelry, about a journal swap. Ever game for something new I jumped in. My "swappee" is Pennsylvania. We communicated and I learned of a recent trip to the Maryland Faerie Festival. Armed with this information I designed a cover for his journal.
Pellon interfacing for a base. Then I printed off pictures, bless google images, and laid them down side by side, Then added the leaves, maple of course. The overlay is a variegated green and yellow organdy. When I had everything pinned in place I stitched through all the layers together with beads. The faerie wings are from a butterfly window decal.

The back, represents me, with the "green man." The lace was white I soaked it in a solution of tea and vinegar till I got the colour I wanted. The organdy overlay gives it depth and it just feels good in your hand. The organdy doesn't show up very well in the pictures.

The front. I "photo shopped" the faerie from another web site onto the picture of a faerie glen.

Both sides. I agree it isn't very practical. So I made it as a removable book cover. Shades of my youth. Our school books always had to have covers. We made them out of brown grocery bags. Unheard of today.
Anyway I thought it would be a better idea to do it this way then it can be replaced and left out on the coffee table. I haven't had this much fun since I made the zombie for my grand daughter. I just hope the recipient likes it. I have a feeling I will be doing this again.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My 'Steampunk' Shawl

Finally, It's finished!

Lady's Circular Shawl in Shell Pattern by Jane Sowerby, from Victorian Lace Today
The yarn is Kauni Lace ~ XEMC and it was ordered from Tausendschon Beautiful to work with and you can spit-splice the ends together so easily which save on weaving in later. (I really detest weaving in later and will do anything possible to avoid it)

This was my first shawl that required a knit on border. The damn border took longer to knit then the entire body! I picked this up and put it down so many times over 9 months because I found it so monotonous. Now that it's finished I think it looks lovely but for a while I didn't think I'd ever reach the end. LOL

I'm showing off here :-) Originally, I planned to get all dressed up in something a tad more Victorian. But, waiting for that I might never have gotten the pictures taken. I rather like the way it looks with jeans.