Wednesday, May 16, 2012

10,918 stitches later

 Captain Jack Sparrow is finished.
 I have packed my yarn scale or I could have calculated how much yarn I actually used. I went into the second ball of black and almost finished the ball of dark blue. There is quite a lot left on the other balls. He will be a pillow cover after we move. I just packed him away in his project box for the time being.
I have already started the second project using the crochet by numbers technique with a slight modification because I can't leave any good idea alone. This one is a special pattern generated by Todd Paschall for me from a photograph. I am going through embroidery floss like water. It only has 22,436 stitches! Holy crap.
This just the beginning, I do like the way the floss shines. More will be revealed later unless your on Ravelry and then you can see it on my projects page. If this turns out as well as I hope I will have it framed professionally. All this and working and packing to move.