Thursday, September 30, 2010


Knitting and knitting and knitting, mindless knitting. Now at 38 ridges. Good for TV watching.
Tomten Jacket

Gotta have lace on the needles!

Blueberry Pi                                                                                                                                                                    

Jewels of the Rubaiyat
Playing with colour. See the square needles?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Up to my eyes in wool

Two strands of Moda Dea with a 6 mm needle
 Because I have nothing better to do.... I am starting yet another sweater, This is for another nephew who likes to go camping in Algonquin Park, in the winter. Hardy lad. His requirements are: earth tones, washable wool, not itchy, preferably Merino, drop shoulder, no ribbing and thickish, large enough to wear with layers, and something suitable to wear by the campfire. That translates into a 52" fleece type pullover. Easy Peasy.

This is a more accurate picture of the colour

I have nailed it so to speak. Moda Dea is a perfect wool for this project. ( Used it in it's worsted tension for the skull sweater) Crisis of magnitude has been discontinued. WHAT?? I liken this to popular programs on the television. Every one likes it so cancel it. I sent out some feelers on Ravelry to those with Moda Dea in their stash. No one was willing to part with any. I understand perfectly. I finally had to resort to eBay. The shame of it all but they came through. I got 9 balls from upper New York State and I have 6 balls coming from Mississippi. With exchange and shipping at least it will cost me the same as if I had bought it here in Canada.
I swatched with two strands held as one and a 5.5 mm needle but it was too stiff. Switched to two strands and a 6 mm needle and it is perfect. Bulky but soft and pliable. Another plus with this wool is the strands are cabled not just twisted. When you hold it up to the light the "halo" is minimal therefore it does not pill. I am tempted to head out and buy up everything I can After all I can always sell it on eBay. I do have to pick up a contrast for a Bear Claw pattern on the back. I am graphing it out and once I am satisfied with the results I will add the graph here and on Ravelry for anyone else to use. All I require is that credit be given where it is due and you do not sell the pattern. Thank you in advance. Yes, I am still working on the Sugar Skull graph. Who needs to sleep, work, eat....OK, ok I can live "off the fat of the land" for a while yet.

Jewels of the Rubaiyat

My Dad had a copy of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. It was a small leather bound book with beautiful colour plates inside. Each colour page had a piece of tissue over the plate so it wouldn't stick to the printed page. It was beautiful to hold, and look at. The jewel tone colours leapt off the page. If you have never read these Persian love poems you should they are beautiful. 
All that brings me to this. I want to knit  a sweater derived from a pattern of AS's. I have been advised of the care that should be taken when referring to this designer. As I am not knitting the pattern with the exact colours in the exact wool then the designer does not appreciate you calling your knitting project by the same name as the pattern. Works for me. Life is to short to get bent out of shape. Ergo I will be calling this sweater "Jewels of the Rubaiyat." I have given the designer credit on my Ravelry page for the inspiration. I hope that's not an infringement of any copyright. 

Shetland wool
 I ordered the above Harrisville Shetland Wool from the Red Mitten.They have 100 colours in stock. Oh Joy Oh Bliss. The colours are to "dye" for. I am anxious to start swatching. That will be my Saturday project, stay tuned for more pictures of the swatch in progress. I will post my colour choices. The neutral tones don't show up very well in the picture. It will be interesting to see if they work in the knitting. Well, that is why we swatch..right? I am hoping the new circular needle I bought at the Knitter's Fair is the right size. It is circular but the needles themselves are square. I leave you to figure that out.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Low Cal Blueberry Pi: Roughly blocked EZ's half pi shawl in alpaca fine. 6mm clear Ab finish glass beads sprinkled like sugar crystals. Perfect Pi for the calorie conscious.
Tomten Jacket: in WooBu, tension swatch 5.5 sts to inch 5.5 ridges (11 rows) to the inch with a 4mm needle. I originally bought this wool for the Traveling sweater but it didn't work out for me. so now I have new plans for it.
Cast on 221 stitches and just knit back and forth until the pattern then I will worry about what to do next.
Crocus shawlette: whole lot of wet wool. Amazing how it blocks out!
Blocked and drying and only two ends to weave in. Very Happy with the result.
Close up of the edging. Look at those nupps! My father, God rest his soul, used to say, "Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back."
(as usual click on pictures for a close up)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Peering into the dark side...

I've been feeling very Darth Vaderish lately when it comes to knitting because.... well I know this will come as a shock to some of you... but sometimes I knit with acrylic.

My apologies to those of you who just sprayed your computer screen with your beverage.

I cannot hide the truth any longer and if it means I have to give up my addi-turbos as punishment...pffft not a chance, catch me if you can.

Bernat is starting a Mystery CAL on Sept 22, made with their softee chunky. I've been feeling the crochet bug for a while now but I didn't want to commit to some more jacquard tapestry. A mystery CAL sounds like fun and this should work up quickly given the yarn and hook size. There is a pattern for a square every week and in the end you have a blanket. Perfect, just what I needed.

I don't know about you but in my house all blankets and afghans take a lot of abuse. They are dragged out onto the grass, drooled on during naps and claimed by Chewbacca if someone allows it to slip to the floor. My 90lb puppy feels any article on the floor belongs to him and is a new bed. Also, I need then to be easy peasy washable and not have to worry about them felting or shrinking or stretching. Also I'm not willing to invest a whole lot of $$$ on natural fibers that I know will be abused so soundly.

Chris' Steelers blanket was made from a Bernat product and after over a year of constant abuse it's still holding up well. So, I'm willing to give another of their products a try. It's just for fun anyways. What I did like about their website is I can choose my colours and add it to the cart. When I look at the 'cart' the swatches are all lined up and I can get a good idea of what colours I want to use and how they will look together. Now hopefully Michaels has the colours I want in stock or I'll be starting the decisions making over.

I have the project listed on my Ravelry page if your interested in joining in. I'll post a picture after I have a couple squares done.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The fruits of our "Flavour".....

Sunday afternoon , Julia and I decided to dye with Kool Aid. I had some beautiful Fleece Artist wool in three textures, pied wool, curly stuff and mohair. A very boring white. I dyed it all Strawberry Kiwi. Julia played with colour and dyed some unplied with Ice Blue. The side garden looked like an eastern bazaar. It was a beautiful day.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

KW Knitter's Fair

Our annual pilgrimage to the Kitchener Waterloo Knitter's Guild Fair. I have not seen Sandy in a year and we show up wearing the same colour. We think alike and dress alike, what can I say? Julia took our picture, thanks kiddo.
I bought a square circular knitting needle!! I am very intrigued and will let you know what I think of it. I also got the Herbert Niebling book of Knitted Lace Designs, it was pricey but I couldn't resist. A vial of #8 beads for the copper lace weight for the test knit shawl and...sigh... a hank of merino silk lace weight in a deep blue. So I will have to reset my counter again.
I am exhausted. We walked miles!! It was a wonderful day and beside all the beautiful patterns, and wool-silk-alpaca-lama-mohair-cotton-flax yarns, notions and beads I had the opportunity to reconnect with a dear friend and share a wonderful day with my daughter.
(Corinne, you have to take a sick day next year we missed you.)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sugar Skulls Designs

I am in a whimsical mood. The long weekend beacons AND I have a couple of days off work. The whole topic of Sugar skulls hit me when I found a design for a small bag on Ravelry. It was cute and I offered to knit one for Corinne. Better make two I have a grandaughter who will want one as well.
Then I got to thinking, always dangerous, but timely. I have plenty of time to design, knit and felt in enough time to offer this on Ravelry for "Día de los Muertos." Which is Nov 1st and 2nd. This will be a free design as I will be using another free pattern for inspiration. If all goes well I may do something else down the line. We shall see what we shall see. It is all about colour after all. The picture above is not my design and is only meant to illustrate the subject of Sugar Skulls.
My LYS, Little Red Mitten, is bringing in a new line of pure wool fingering, {be still my beating heart}, in SIXTY-FIVE colours. I swoon.
I predict.........when the lace knitting furor dies down, and it will, everything is cyclical, the knitter's are going to return to colour work. The "fair isle designer from Scotland" and yes, I now know better than to mention her name in print, is being re published. That in it self should be a clue that the knitting powers that be are gearing up for a change in taste.