Monday, September 13, 2010

Peering into the dark side...

I've been feeling very Darth Vaderish lately when it comes to knitting because.... well I know this will come as a shock to some of you... but sometimes I knit with acrylic.

My apologies to those of you who just sprayed your computer screen with your beverage.

I cannot hide the truth any longer and if it means I have to give up my addi-turbos as punishment...pffft not a chance, catch me if you can.

Bernat is starting a Mystery CAL on Sept 22, made with their softee chunky. I've been feeling the crochet bug for a while now but I didn't want to commit to some more jacquard tapestry. A mystery CAL sounds like fun and this should work up quickly given the yarn and hook size. There is a pattern for a square every week and in the end you have a blanket. Perfect, just what I needed.

I don't know about you but in my house all blankets and afghans take a lot of abuse. They are dragged out onto the grass, drooled on during naps and claimed by Chewbacca if someone allows it to slip to the floor. My 90lb puppy feels any article on the floor belongs to him and is a new bed. Also, I need then to be easy peasy washable and not have to worry about them felting or shrinking or stretching. Also I'm not willing to invest a whole lot of $$$ on natural fibers that I know will be abused so soundly.

Chris' Steelers blanket was made from a Bernat product and after over a year of constant abuse it's still holding up well. So, I'm willing to give another of their products a try. It's just for fun anyways. What I did like about their website is I can choose my colours and add it to the cart. When I look at the 'cart' the swatches are all lined up and I can get a good idea of what colours I want to use and how they will look together. Now hopefully Michaels has the colours I want in stock or I'll be starting the decisions making over.

I have the project listed on my Ravelry page if your interested in joining in. I'll post a picture after I have a couple squares done.

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Susan said...

Spray I did...... my own child slipping into that dark territory of acrylic!
All that aside practicality does warrant this deviation from the norm.
You are forgiven. Mummy still loves you.