Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wisp of a cardigan

 This is merino and silk lace dyed by the KnitterMan, Knitivity. Gorgeous stuff and not one knot in a thousand yards. Very impressed. It just so happens that it is the same colour as my VW beetle. So what's not to love?

 I am knitting the Kid Seta cardigan from Cascade yarns. My apologies to Cascade for not using their lace weight as the pattern was a free download.   Go Here. This exactly what I was looking for, for this yarn. Just to keep it interesting I am adding glass pearls every 10th stitch every 10 row, (stagger them.) It doesn't show up that much in the picture but I think the overall look will work. I plan on some alterations... 3/4 length sleeves and a crochet edge. The perfectionist in me can't handle rolled edges of stocking stitch.
Air conditioning in the summer, can vary greatly when you are in the mall or at work and I think this fine cardi will be ideal for when I feel chilled rather than cooled.
Now for, what is to me, earth shattering news. After years of wishing and hoping ... I am going to Stitches Midwest in August 2012.

Wait till I tell you. I have classes booked with Franklin Habit and Nicky Epstein just to drop 2 names. Only an experienced knitter will appreciate how pleased I am that I have 6 hour class on Estonian Stitches. The list goes on. There will be lots of posts coming during and after the event. this little cardi will be perfect to take with me. Hotel reservations are confirmed as well. (Insert mental picture of me jumping up and down clapping my hands)
 My sweet man will be accompanying me to Illinois and THAT is a testimony of devotion!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Back to the knitting...

 ...still cleaning up UFO's. Started these socks a couple of months ago. Really they are a quick knit. (when you knit) For some strange reason they do not knit themselves... duh
This is from Cat Bordhi's latest book which I downloaded through Ravelry. Sweet Tomato Heel socks. I will link to the exact title in a minute.  Here is the pertinent info:
2.5mm needle
56 sts
toe up
Judy's Magic Cast On
Cat's Sweet Tomato Heel
Jenny's Super Stretchy Cast Off
knit the ribbing (2x2) as long as your foot.
Fits me perfectly. Am turning the heel on the second sock. When I get to the ribbing it becomes mindless TV knitting. I am almost finished the Dragon sock I started in Mexico and I want to get the second one on the needles. Leave it to me to have 2 new pair of socks I probably won't need to wear until fall.
I am crocheting another rope, just to keep my self busy (insert maniacal laugh). This one is made using #11 beads and is finer than the last one. Photo taken on a mirror by my "camera guy."
When the socks are finished I am going to finish the Icarus Shawl! Really. Promise. I have a lot of grafting to do and that is why it has languished in the basket. Must be done before I can start anything else! Stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Logan's bear ... finished.

Once upon a time, I had a home based business called "Thimble Enterprises." I designed and hand made stuffed animals. Especially Teddy Bears. This was right at the beginning of the teddy bear craze in the early '80's. I had a white Mini and I used to pack is solidly with animals and props and go off to craft shows around southern Ontario. At one point my animals were carried in specialty stores in Leamington and Windsor.
When Evan, my youngest, was little he would sit by my feet driving his hot wheels cars around the inside ledge of the sewing machine table while I was working. I had two huge utility shelves in my tiny sewing room full of disembodied animal parts. I made dogs, cats, squirrels, deer, bears all sizes and designs, and beautiful bunnies. I still have all the pattern templates.
It seemed fitting that in view of that memory of Evan as a little boy, his son should have a bear for his first birthday.
Partially stuffed
The bear is finished and I pleased with the outcome. I have had this length of fabric in the cedar chest for probably 20 years. When Logan is big enough I hope this bear becomes his trusted companion and he will always have this memory of his Grami and the story about his daddy when he was a little boy.
This particular bear was originally sold with copper rimmed glasses, a pipe and dressed in a buttoned plaid vest with watch chain. This "Grampy Bear" was designed in honour of my father who loved to come to the shows with me and shmooze with the customers. I sold more of these in London as "executive gifts" than anywhere else.
I made the nose too.
He even comes with a letter of authenticity.
 All that remains now is for him to have a name and that I will leave up to Logan.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bear : Under construction

Bear in pieces
 Logan's birthday bear is coming along nicely!
ultra suede paws and soles

Logan on the left and Emily, oh, and Grami's hand

I just have to sew the ears in by hand and then turn the head right side out and all the pieces will be ready to join. Stay tuned for more pictures

Friday, March 9, 2012

Needles from another dimension....

Although I am a knitter and crocheter I first started with embroidery. When "back in my day" (lord, I sound like my Scottish Nana) young girls were taught the fine art of embroidery and how to hem an apron. There is another word lost to the archives, who wears an apron any more? I digress, as usual.
Anyway, I was having a think, always dangerous, and decided it was time the grand girls (4 oldest) had a new wall hanging for their room or bedroom door. For years I have been collecting mother of pearl buttons with the idea of making something "pearly" inspired. My great grandmother, Mathilda, "Tilly," was a true cockney, born within the sounds of "Bow Bells," in London England.
No relation, just added for enlightenment, remember them in Mary Poppins?
 I wanted to remember that Pearly tradition and pass something down to the Girls that would last.
In all fairness, this time the recipients are in reverse order from the last gifting. The last shall be the first to receive. Meaghan's went out in the mail this week and is awaiting her arrival. Ryleigh's went out next and should be at her home today.
Now, I have to have a hiatus as The Bear is next on the list of "to-do's." Logan's first birthday is on the 20th. we are getting together on the 18th. I have less than 10 days. Love the pressure. Sewing with a "hot" needle again...sigh ...I never learn.
So here are my latest accomplishments. Personalized with embellishments: Click on pictures to see the detail.

Meaghan's  wings to fly.
Ryleigh is all about the fairies.

The hangings are about 16x24.  Now I have to get sewing on the bear......................

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Knitting in Mexico and other stuff

The crochet beaded rope was an ideal project to take on holiday. I worked on it on the flight down and carried it around the resort with me. I was crocheting down on the beach when the beach vendors came by and I ended up giving a quick lesson. The women called me "Amiga" and even with the language barrier they seemed to enjoy themselves. Unfortunately we didn't think about taking a picture until afterward.
Crochet beaded rope - finished!
I met one other knitter by the pool. She was working on socks. We had a nice chat.
Knitting on the beach
I am using the Little Dragon Sock pattern from Laura Neel, found on Ravelry. This colour way is a hand dyed sock yarn from the Knitman's Kitchen. I have named this project "Dragonfire Socks."
Knitting on the balcony

Knitting with the Tequila dude
See, I am wearing the crochet rope!! Very happy with how it turned out. Click on the picture for a better look. My friend Sandy gave me the project bag (see dude's lap) it was perfect for this trip.
Knitting on the plane home.
Crochet rope all finished.
The rope is 51 inches long + caps + fringe. It is 1/4" in diameter. I will definitely make another one. Lord knows I have enough beads... *smile*
Coral fringe.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Meg's Wormy Apple hat

It is actually a slouchy hat the rest is folded up underneath for picture taking!