Sunday, March 4, 2012

Knitting in Mexico and other stuff

The crochet beaded rope was an ideal project to take on holiday. I worked on it on the flight down and carried it around the resort with me. I was crocheting down on the beach when the beach vendors came by and I ended up giving a quick lesson. The women called me "Amiga" and even with the language barrier they seemed to enjoy themselves. Unfortunately we didn't think about taking a picture until afterward.
Crochet beaded rope - finished!
I met one other knitter by the pool. She was working on socks. We had a nice chat.
Knitting on the beach
I am using the Little Dragon Sock pattern from Laura Neel, found on Ravelry. This colour way is a hand dyed sock yarn from the Knitman's Kitchen. I have named this project "Dragonfire Socks."
Knitting on the balcony

Knitting with the Tequila dude
See, I am wearing the crochet rope!! Very happy with how it turned out. Click on the picture for a better look. My friend Sandy gave me the project bag (see dude's lap) it was perfect for this trip.
Knitting on the plane home.
Crochet rope all finished.
The rope is 51 inches long + caps + fringe. It is 1/4" in diameter. I will definitely make another one. Lord knows I have enough beads... *smile*
Coral fringe.

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