Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wisp of a cardigan

 This is merino and silk lace dyed by the KnitterMan, Knitivity. Gorgeous stuff and not one knot in a thousand yards. Very impressed. It just so happens that it is the same colour as my VW beetle. So what's not to love?

 I am knitting the Kid Seta cardigan from Cascade yarns. My apologies to Cascade for not using their lace weight as the pattern was a free download.   Go Here. This exactly what I was looking for, for this yarn. Just to keep it interesting I am adding glass pearls every 10th stitch every 10 row, (stagger them.) It doesn't show up that much in the picture but I think the overall look will work. I plan on some alterations... 3/4 length sleeves and a crochet edge. The perfectionist in me can't handle rolled edges of stocking stitch.
Air conditioning in the summer, can vary greatly when you are in the mall or at work and I think this fine cardi will be ideal for when I feel chilled rather than cooled.
Now for, what is to me, earth shattering news. After years of wishing and hoping ... I am going to Stitches Midwest in August 2012.

Wait till I tell you. I have classes booked with Franklin Habit and Nicky Epstein just to drop 2 names. Only an experienced knitter will appreciate how pleased I am that I have 6 hour class on Estonian Stitches. The list goes on. There will be lots of posts coming during and after the event. this little cardi will be perfect to take with me. Hotel reservations are confirmed as well. (Insert mental picture of me jumping up and down clapping my hands)
 My sweet man will be accompanying me to Illinois and THAT is a testimony of devotion!

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