Friday, March 25, 2016

More Infant Loss Gowns

I have been busy making more gowns for Credit Valley Hospital. I had to stop to work on three requests for Feel Better Friends.
Credit for the patterns I use goes to,  Carewear, Preemie Burial Gown pattern, by Bonnie Hagerman
and the short gown is from Mamma That Makes

This is the donated wedding gown that has provided much of the fabric and lace for the gowns I have made.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Information on Feel Better Friends

Good morning, wherever you are. I finally got all the Feel Better Friend information in one place. Please share with your online community.
Please save this image and share it with your local hospital, Ronald MacDonald House, doctor's office etc. 

All the links in one place.

These are the requests I have filled in 2015 

If you are looking for a wonderful family of crafters and would like to be involved in a very sastifying charity I would encourage you to look us up on Facebook. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Feel Better Friends

Feel Better Friend dolls are made by volunteers and provided free of charge for children with life altering conditions and complex illnesses. These are the dolls I have made so far this year.

Infant Loss Burial Gowns

Large size ( full term)


These are the first 6 Infant Loss Gowns I have made for the group "Hats Off To Liz."
The gowns are made, in some cases, from wedding gowns that have been donated.
Carl wanted me to make something for a boy. Has has other ideas too.

extra small