Sunday, January 19, 2014

Training mode

It's that time again for the armchair athletes to challenge themselves through the Ravelry "Ravellenic Games 2014" Too bad we had to change the name, the new one is quite a mouth full.
I finished this shawl the end of December and so far this month I have knit 2 small  neck wraps.
Here ...
and here...
and I managed to crochet another Sir Knight Helmet.  
So I think I am just about ready. I may try another neck wrap between now and the opening ceremony.
Crazy Canadian that's me. Team Canada Go!

This is the pattern I am going to  knit for Sochi

Andrea's Bl├╝tenpracht ... Pomp of Flowers

The pattern can be found here:

Did I mention I am also taking a couple of university courses online at the same time?  I figure I can knit and watch lectures at the same time. 
Now that life has resumed a little more normal pace I hope to post more often and share my projects, my ideas and maybe even some lace patterns I am planning. 

Knit on....