Wednesday, December 29, 2010

W. I. P.

 It is a good thing my granddaughter doesn't haunt here. This is her Birthday Slouch Hat. I had considered this yarn for a lace shawlette but the colour changes were too dramatic. Drama is excellent for this hat with, of course, beads. This hand dyed loveliness, aptly named "Shock Wave," comes from my favourite yarn artist, "The Knitman," I should have this finished today.
This was going to be for Christmas. As that didn't happen I will finish it and set it aside in the "gift" box. I like to have a few things at the ready. The lace design gets lost in the colours but I still like it. Be daring with your knitting. Like this......

 My dear Mom would have been the first to say that these colours do not go together. I give you the Linen Stitch Scarf. If you like a light woven texture then I recommend this stitch. There is a slouch hat coming to match. If I get the Shock Wave finished today as planned then I am on to this slouch hat tomorrow. The ribbing is done I want to get back into this stitch. Once you get the rhythm it is quite enjoyable.
All of the above yarns are one from the Knitman's Kitchen .
Back to the needles!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Why I will NOT be buying yarn in 2011....

 Well, rather, shouldn't be buying yarn in 2011.....

Although I have sold a bunch of yarn on eBay, and thank you ladies and gents for that, I am still feeling the fiscal restraint brought on my unemployment. The dole has not yet started and at this rate I will probably get my first cheque about the time I am recalled to work. Thanks heaps for all the years I paid into this and what do I get? Bupkis!
Just because I love lists and will sign up to just about anything I have joined 11 in 2011 on Ravelry, more fool I. If I get a third done I will be surprised. but what is life if we do not have a challenge?
In all fairness to me I didn't buy all the yarn in the picture. Some of it was gifted. Obvious what my favourite colours are eh? The orange is a bit of a departure but will spice up my knitting.
The first project is going to be the Valentine Scarf with The Knitman's hand dyed pink and black fingering weight with  #6 pink AB crystal TOHO beads  for my grand daughter's birthday in February.
Today, I will watch movies and knit on my Aran Coat and maybe do some Christmas baking after I download some audio books on my ipod.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Emerging from the stash...

One expects that the loyal followers will have fled to more productive areas over the last thirty days. I have been driven to sort the stash as it were. Sales, though not exactly brisk, have been satisfying. Feel free to dash over to My eBay and avail yourself of my offerings.
Up side to the destashing was the emergence of the "Aran Sweater." Totally deserving of the quotation marks.

The pattern was given to me in photo copied form back when I had the store. I have no idea what book it came from other than it was a Patons design. A friend of a customer came in one day wearing the original and I was overcome with admiration. She "gifted" me with a copy of the pattern which I have hoarded lo these 7-8 years.
Fast forward to 2007 when I purchased the wool to make same. I cast on for a size small and when the knitting "shrank" on the needles (or I got bigger) knitting came to a screaming halt.
Finally, reaching the bottom of the cedar chest, I unearthed a layer of heather beige wool and the knitting in progress. It is every bit as lovely as I remembered. Unfortunately, no pattern. Let me tell you I photo copy patterns like my mother clipped recipes.
Ever confident that I would locate it easily, I went through this lot ....

and then I went through these...

this is ridiculous saith I, as I went through this pile....

I spent and hour on Ravelry, searching, bobbles, honey comb, popcorn, trellis, aran etc... nada
Then I remembered!! In the last folder of the last file in the bottom of the drawer of the cedar chest. I found it.

One day I am going to regret killing of so many brain cells fussing about this. However demented I will be I will be cozy in my Aran jacket. I am already thinking of modifying the collar and I will have to make it shorter. A finished length of 36" aka 3 feet would only leave me 2 feet and a bit left over for the rest of me to function. 
Last night I completed one pattern repeat and as I am temporarily laid off from my employment I foresee a day of knitting and a "Lark Rise to Candleford"  marathon.
Finally completed the Linen Stitch scarf. Love it! All the texture of a woven piece but knitted. Wonderful.

San Marco Byzantine Scarf

Knit in three hand dyed colour ways from the Knitman's Kitchen.