Wednesday, December 29, 2010

W. I. P.

 It is a good thing my granddaughter doesn't haunt here. This is her Birthday Slouch Hat. I had considered this yarn for a lace shawlette but the colour changes were too dramatic. Drama is excellent for this hat with, of course, beads. This hand dyed loveliness, aptly named "Shock Wave," comes from my favourite yarn artist, "The Knitman," I should have this finished today.
This was going to be for Christmas. As that didn't happen I will finish it and set it aside in the "gift" box. I like to have a few things at the ready. The lace design gets lost in the colours but I still like it. Be daring with your knitting. Like this......

 My dear Mom would have been the first to say that these colours do not go together. I give you the Linen Stitch Scarf. If you like a light woven texture then I recommend this stitch. There is a slouch hat coming to match. If I get the Shock Wave finished today as planned then I am on to this slouch hat tomorrow. The ribbing is done I want to get back into this stitch. Once you get the rhythm it is quite enjoyable.
All of the above yarns are one from the Knitman's Kitchen .
Back to the needles!!

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