Monday, July 31, 2017

Productive month - July

This makes a total of 39 items from one wedding gown.

This was a First Communion Dress, Now it is 6 gowns for the Perinatal Bereavement Program.
Meet Fred, 'cause it rhymes with red. Logan's choice from "Edward's Imaginarium" pattern book.

Wonder Woman hat for Teaghan, not that she will need it for months but, Grami was on a roll

Carl requested a Smurf, for fun, Happy to oblige. Perfect setting on Mom's fern.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

July 2017

Hard to believe but I have completed 33 items this month. Thanks goes to Jennifer, the lovely lady who donated her wedding gown and to Lisa who donated a First Communion Dress. The Credit Valley Bereavement Program is very appreciative of everything the "Hats Off To Liz" ladies donate.
As I live in London On, I am hoping to find an outlet here.
My most horrifying thought is that parents would be presented with their wee babe in a kidney dish or a plastic bag. There is no need for this to occur. I am here and anxious to do what I can to relieve a most terrible situation. The items I make are from donated gowns. I donate my expertise to create an item that will be comforting and meaningful to bereaved parents.
Here are some sample of what I have achieved this month.
From the skirt of a First Communion Dress

Wee Cocoons for little ones, they come with a pad and a blanket to secure them in place

Tuxes in 2 sizes
In progress

This one even has a little watch chain

appliques are hand beaded and hand sewn in place

Medium gown with applique, ribbon roses and pearls,

Friday, July 7, 2017

Feel Better Friend "Tallyn"

My latest request completed and mailed. This young lady has neuroblastoma. She wanted rainbows in her hair. Every doll maker has their own style. Some crocheters prefer to crochet the clothing. I try to copy, as closely as possible, the dress, headband and jewelry as shown in the picture provided.

Feel Better Friend "Nathan"

Feel Better Friends provide, at no charge, " just like me dolls" that are handmade by volunteers.
Nathan was very apprehensive at the hospital and his Mom says the doll has been a wonderful teaching aid as well as being a comfort to Nathan. 
If you know of a child with a life altering/threatening condition who would benefit from a Feel Better Friend please go to the link and apply.

He has a scar from heart surgery and a G tube

Nathan is having Chemo treatments right now and has lost his hair.

Here he is with his wig on.

Wedding Gown Repurposed

More infant loss gowns delivered June 2017

Before the sewing

2 Infant loss gowns made from the train of a wedding gowne

I took the insert from the centre of the train and sewed it on as an applique.

Summer Hats

I made these cute hats for my youngest

At first, I was going to crochet the flowers and then said," Get a grip they are 5 and 3."  I went to the dollar store and bought flowers took them apart and sewed them on with bug and faerie buttons. The girls were delighted. I am too.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Works in progress.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

My latest projects

11 gowns

blanks hemstitched with crochet edging 15"x15" or 12"x12"
Each gown and blanket has a little angel for a memory box.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Youth of Attiwapiskat and Cross Lake in Crisis

This is a repost of an article I read on Facebook. I urge you all to read it. The crisis is real, the heartbreak is real. 
I found some nature pictures on the web and cropped them to make bookmarks. Then used my publisher program to add some words of inspiration, printed them, cut & trimmed and laminated them and added a length of ultra suede with a feather charm on the end. They are going off in the mail today.

"Calling All Angels:

Some of you may be aware through the news of the crisis in Attiwapiskat and Cross Lake where the First Nation communities have declared a state of emergency to prevent further suicides among youth in the communities. In a community of 2000, there have been 101 suicide attempts since September. 11 last weekend alone. The youngest is 10 years old. 10! Like many remote indigenous communities they lack proper housing, running water, social services and employment. Youth are running out of hope.

At a community gathering of youth in Attiwapiskat this week, the youth began to look at what is available to them, what they need to begin healing and to create hopeful futures and they identified many beautiful and important things like a library, sports and recreation, and pow wows. But what really touched (pulled!) my heart was their request for prayers and messages of support.

I remember very dark days in my life. I am sure you remember yours. I also remember the people who helped me believe I could be strong for one more day, or believe I was worthy of being alive. Words have the power to heal and change lives. So I am sharing my words of love and support for these youth and I hope you will too.

May we all remember our humanKINDNESS.

If you would like to join me in sending love notes to these youth, the addresses are below. "

Cross Lake Nation: Youth in Cross Lake, Cross Lake Band Office,
 P.O. Box 10,
 Cross Lake, 

Attawapiskat: Youth in Attawapiskat,
P.O. Box 248
Attawapiskat ON
P0L 1A0

Friday, March 25, 2016

More Infant Loss Gowns

I have been busy making more gowns for Credit Valley Hospital. I had to stop to work on three requests for Feel Better Friends.
Credit for the patterns I use goes to,  Carewear, Preemie Burial Gown pattern, by Bonnie Hagerman
and the short gown is from Mamma That Makes

This is the donated wedding gown that has provided much of the fabric and lace for the gowns I have made.