Saturday, July 29, 2017

July 2017

Hard to believe but I have completed 33 items this month. Thanks goes to Jennifer, the lovely lady who donated her wedding gown and to Lisa who donated a First Communion Dress. The Credit Valley Bereavement Program is very appreciative of everything the "Hats Off To Liz" ladies donate.
As I live in London On, I am hoping to find an outlet here.
My most horrifying thought is that parents would be presented with their wee babe in a kidney dish or a plastic bag. There is no need for this to occur. I am here and anxious to do what I can to relieve a most terrible situation. The items I make are from donated gowns. I donate my expertise to create an item that will be comforting and meaningful to bereaved parents.
Here are some sample of what I have achieved this month.
From the skirt of a First Communion Dress

Wee Cocoons for little ones, they come with a pad and a blanket to secure them in place

Tuxes in 2 sizes
In progress

This one even has a little watch chain

appliques are hand beaded and hand sewn in place

Medium gown with applique, ribbon roses and pearls,

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