Monday, July 27, 2009

Why do we do this?

There I am furiously knitting on the Hallowe'en vest. Started for the second time I might add.
I am not happy with the way it looks. Maybe there is too much cotton content in the yarn. I can see the colours showing through from the back. Put it down go knit on something else. Maybe it will "plump up" while I am away. Come back hours later pick it up knit more. Hmm, not looking any better. Let's put another couple of thousand stitches on here, shall we? Really, it will be alright. I am just being fussy, right? Leave it overnight. It will be just fine in the morning. Who says I am not the eternal optimist?
Took another look this morning.
It sucks. Plain and simple. The stitches are wiggly, hate that. The tension...well it isn't. I have to buy different yarn. Love the pattern, love the colours hate the yarn I chose. Hated it the first time I started this vest but thought if I went to a smaller needle the problem would be solved. Not happening.
Crap, I hate being right. ~Susan

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I have no self control

It's sad but when it comes to knitting I really don't. I get so excited about casting on a new project, imagining how perfect it will look when it's finished. How excited the recipient will be when the receive it. If only I could lock myself in a room and not look at any other yarn, patterns, or pretty pictures until my project is finished.
But no. I look, I snoop and then eventually I find something I MUST start.

Never mind I already have one (2) lace shawls on the go at the moment, I found this amazing yarn that I HAD to order from Germany. Of course as soon as it arrived I HAD to cast on just to see what it would look like. Couple that with my going on vacation next week, I NEED a couple project to take with me.

I found this incredible lace weight by Kauni that fades from black to blood red. That I just couldn't pass up. Coupled with a pattern from Victorian Lace Today, I have the making for an incredible Steampunk styled shawl that will be perfect inspiration for my next book.

Some unexpected awesomeness is the pattern on increases and decreases have made the colour changes move into a scalloped pattern instead of straight across. The picture isn't the best. I'll take another under natural light when I get a bit farther.

Knitting in the car during a 2.5 hours drive requires something a bit less intricate. Ryleigh loves the hat pattern called VORTEX so off we went to our LYS to pick out some colours.

The colours above are the ones she picked and the hat is below. I have to admit I like it as well and might just have to make a second out of the left over yarn. ;-) I have a 16 year old niece that might just go nuts over it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Never underestimate a ladybug.

To understand the title you would have to check out Mum's post HERE

Mum has this lovely little ladybug that has gone on many travels with her and apparently has learned a thing or two while travelling the world. Here we were all worried about the poor wee thing being terrified by the dragon that recently took up residence in mum's car. Apparently the ladybug manged to over come the dragon in a fit of temper and stuff him, (without mum's knowledge) into the package with my socks that was about to be mail to me. pretty clever for a bug.

He is protecting my favourite books right now, apparently he has a fondness for romance novels. So, I keep him in new releases and he stops the dogs from chewing on them.

Not the greatest picture but I was taking it on an angle. ;-)

I do love my socks, in fact this picture was taken after their first trip through a laundry cycle. LOL

Ultimate compliment....

Carl wore his new socks to work today. No pictures you will just have to conjure up a mental could garner him another pair. He hinted for black, I will have to think about that.
Progressing nicely on the shawl for friend Jackie...see here (2 strands of zepher wool/silk)

Finally got my sock done. As I do have 2 perfectly good feet I had best get the other one cast on... Regia Exotika

A little fall knitting seemed in order so I started over on the Hallowe'en vest with a smaller needle. I will be gifting this to suitable recipient..hint hint

Corinne has sent me 3 copies of german yet. Of which I do not "spreken" howsomever I do speak knitting and I can read a graph so all is well. AND she got me a two year subscription on the web "a la anglaise" so I am totally chuffed. I guess she liked her socks...:0)

I would rather be home knitting but duty calls and work it is then.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

And around, and around, and around, and around...

It suddenly struck me today. How am I going to finish it? I can't just cast off. That would just be too boring.

Book should be done this week, thank goodness. I've been looking longingly at my lace shawl.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sock Knitting

Sock knitting is the only thing I have been able to do lately. One heat wave and we are so busy at work I come home and collapse. Carl's socks are progressing nicely. One done and I am up to the heel flap on the other one and they fit perfectly. Pictures to follow...he is shy.
Today is Canada Day, also known as, cast on Heirloom Knitting's "Queen Ring Shawl" hereafter to be known as "The Tsarina." A cast on was attempted a couple of days ago, by way of practise. OMG this wool is fine! I shall persevere!