Thursday, July 23, 2009

Never underestimate a ladybug.

To understand the title you would have to check out Mum's post HERE

Mum has this lovely little ladybug that has gone on many travels with her and apparently has learned a thing or two while travelling the world. Here we were all worried about the poor wee thing being terrified by the dragon that recently took up residence in mum's car. Apparently the ladybug manged to over come the dragon in a fit of temper and stuff him, (without mum's knowledge) into the package with my socks that was about to be mail to me. pretty clever for a bug.

He is protecting my favourite books right now, apparently he has a fondness for romance novels. So, I keep him in new releases and he stops the dogs from chewing on them.

Not the greatest picture but I was taking it on an angle. ;-)

I do love my socks, in fact this picture was taken after their first trip through a laundry cycle. LOL

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Susan said...

Ohh they fit! I am pleased. Glad you like them. I thought the bug has a smirk on her face.