Monday, July 27, 2009

Why do we do this?

There I am furiously knitting on the Hallowe'en vest. Started for the second time I might add.
I am not happy with the way it looks. Maybe there is too much cotton content in the yarn. I can see the colours showing through from the back. Put it down go knit on something else. Maybe it will "plump up" while I am away. Come back hours later pick it up knit more. Hmm, not looking any better. Let's put another couple of thousand stitches on here, shall we? Really, it will be alright. I am just being fussy, right? Leave it overnight. It will be just fine in the morning. Who says I am not the eternal optimist?
Took another look this morning.
It sucks. Plain and simple. The stitches are wiggly, hate that. The tension...well it isn't. I have to buy different yarn. Love the pattern, love the colours hate the yarn I chose. Hated it the first time I started this vest but thought if I went to a smaller needle the problem would be solved. Not happening.
Crap, I hate being right. ~Susan

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Knitman said...

Right or stubborn? ;-) I would have done the same before I accepted I didn't want to waste my life knitting it. Go on to something else or change the yarn! You know, I now won't even persevere with a film or tv program that I think is not up to much. Life is too short. Same with books. I used to force myself to read them as I'd bought them. Not now. Life really is too short.