Monday, August 3, 2009

Relaxing at Last.

Having a long weekend with nothing to do but lay around has been very good for me. I am burnt out and needed this break. Last night I woke up shrieking again. According to Carl it is almost blood curdling, poor beggar. Guess that whole intruder thing (see other blog) has bothered me more than I thought.
So, I have been sock knitting this weekend. My second sock is progressing nicely and YES I know they do not match. The yarn is called "exotic" for a reason. I like them this way.
Susan's Exotics

I am enthroned on the lounge chair, in the garden, knitting on the black socks. It was brighter (sunnier) yesterday, which was perfect for "black" knitting. I have turned the heel and like this pattern better than the Time Team pair. This time I used the Wendy Knits Heel.
Ebony socks
Here are the Time Team honour of the archaeological layers, with Maia's Gusset Heel. I am giving you links to both. I just find the Wendy heel more to my taste and I like the fit. It is always good to know different ways of doing things. I am doubtful I will knit socks any other way than toe up from now on.
I had to model his socks he says he loves them. All together..awwwww... and that's why I am knitting him the black ones he asked for.

Time Team Socks
Now I have to tell you about this! Momentous stuff. I was reading an Heirloom Knitting post which took me to another blog, you know how that happens. Well, I came across Celtic Swan Forge. Just beautiful things to be found there. I want a Spinner's Hook and a Celtic Broach and..and.. Once you have been there you will understand. Molly and I have been exchanging emails and I am going to make her a pair of Wyvern socks. We are going to have a good old barter. Check out the "Sock exchange" Deadline to sign up is August 15, 2009. This pattern is a very enjoyable knit and I am sure Molly will like them. Tomorrow I am going to drag myself ( drag?...ya right) into the wool shop to pick up some 100% wool . Oh goody goody.

Wyvern socks

Did you notice? Even my knitting has jewellery. I received those markers from the sock roulette, which reminds me I have not posted a picture yet. Next time. Anyway, I use those markers all the time.

It is becoming windy I have to move my chair and as the sun is "over the yardarm" somewhere in the world I may just have a glass of wine. So there.

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