Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On the "good news/bad news" front.

Good news: The "other" wool shop here in the city has been sold. I was holding a personal moratorium on spending any money in there after the owner was so rude to me.

Bad news: They stock Koigu, Premium Merino the most delicious of 100% pure merino wool. Made in Canada yet! Dastardly expensive. Now that the moratorium has been lifted I will be shopping in there. There goes my retirement $$.

Good news: I have cast on the socks for Molly, of Celtic Swan fame, out of the above mentioned Koigu KPM in a luscious purple.

Bad news: This wool is so gorgeous to knit with I may be scared for life. The stitch definition is nothing short of stunning. How will my regular sock yarn ever compete? How come, when I try to photo purple wool it always turns out blue. (??)

Good news: I am going to Connecticut in like three weeks....cheering madly

Bad news: I have three weeks to finish the shawl for Jacki. Procrastination thy name is Susan.

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Knitman said...

You made me smile. I don't forget rudeness either.