Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where the heck have I been???

Four months later and my grand son is a blooming 15 pounds plus not bad considering his size at birth.
I am back to work full time and let me tell you THAT took some getting used to. More about that later.
In an effort to rein in my shattered concentration I have joined the Delusional Knitter's call to "War on WIP"
Here follows my dastardly mess: In no particular order...
Limerick shawl

Marc's bear claw sweater
I have knit this front about three times and keep ripping it back the claws looked arthritic to me..dam.
I have a lot of grafting to do before I can move on
Feyrhi's Wings silk beaded shawl
In my defense I have finished up the following in the last four months:
baby kimono jacket with Knitman's hand dyed
crochet star baby blanket

Back to confession time......the following await attention
Adult tomten jacket

Aran coat
double knitted scarf 548 rows... I am on row 16
Oh yes and I just bought some chunky "Dreams" for a winter all in one for the new baby and 3 colours of DK for a fair isle vest for baby Logan and some Snuggly DK for a small reversible baby blanket...
...and... I have a baby sleep sack on the needles, no picture.
So there we go. I think that is everything. Now let's see what I can finish by Labour Day. Stay tuned!