Friday, March 9, 2012

Needles from another dimension....

Although I am a knitter and crocheter I first started with embroidery. When "back in my day" (lord, I sound like my Scottish Nana) young girls were taught the fine art of embroidery and how to hem an apron. There is another word lost to the archives, who wears an apron any more? I digress, as usual.
Anyway, I was having a think, always dangerous, and decided it was time the grand girls (4 oldest) had a new wall hanging for their room or bedroom door. For years I have been collecting mother of pearl buttons with the idea of making something "pearly" inspired. My great grandmother, Mathilda, "Tilly," was a true cockney, born within the sounds of "Bow Bells," in London England.
No relation, just added for enlightenment, remember them in Mary Poppins?
 I wanted to remember that Pearly tradition and pass something down to the Girls that would last.
In all fairness, this time the recipients are in reverse order from the last gifting. The last shall be the first to receive. Meaghan's went out in the mail this week and is awaiting her arrival. Ryleigh's went out next and should be at her home today.
Now, I have to have a hiatus as The Bear is next on the list of "to-do's." Logan's first birthday is on the 20th. we are getting together on the 18th. I have less than 10 days. Love the pressure. Sewing with a "hot" needle again...sigh ...I never learn.
So here are my latest accomplishments. Personalized with embellishments: Click on pictures to see the detail.

Meaghan's  wings to fly.
Ryleigh is all about the fairies.

The hangings are about 16x24.  Now I have to get sewing on the bear......................

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