Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Logan's bear ... finished.

Once upon a time, I had a home based business called "Thimble Enterprises." I designed and hand made stuffed animals. Especially Teddy Bears. This was right at the beginning of the teddy bear craze in the early '80's. I had a white Mini and I used to pack is solidly with animals and props and go off to craft shows around southern Ontario. At one point my animals were carried in specialty stores in Leamington and Windsor.
When Evan, my youngest, was little he would sit by my feet driving his hot wheels cars around the inside ledge of the sewing machine table while I was working. I had two huge utility shelves in my tiny sewing room full of disembodied animal parts. I made dogs, cats, squirrels, deer, bears all sizes and designs, and beautiful bunnies. I still have all the pattern templates.
It seemed fitting that in view of that memory of Evan as a little boy, his son should have a bear for his first birthday.
Partially stuffed
The bear is finished and I pleased with the outcome. I have had this length of fabric in the cedar chest for probably 20 years. When Logan is big enough I hope this bear becomes his trusted companion and he will always have this memory of his Grami and the story about his daddy when he was a little boy.
This particular bear was originally sold with copper rimmed glasses, a pipe and dressed in a buttoned plaid vest with watch chain. This "Grampy Bear" was designed in honour of my father who loved to come to the shows with me and shmooze with the customers. I sold more of these in London as "executive gifts" than anywhere else.
I made the nose too.
He even comes with a letter of authenticity.
 All that remains now is for him to have a name and that I will leave up to Logan.


Jacqueland1 said...

Why don't you re-open that business again? I think that you'd have quite a 'mail-through-Facebook' following.

Julia said...

Beautiful bear, I am sure that he will be well loved.