Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone.

Looks a little like bunny ears, doesn't it? Having a bit of a sock fest going on here. This is a good basic mindless sock pattern and I will make them again and again. I used the Zebra pattern from Cat Bordhi's latest E book, "Sweet Tomato Heel Socks," available through Ravelry. Great "hand job" (to quote Colin), He dyed this colourway up for me by special request. This post is going to be full of links today. Colin is the Knitman's Kitchen, beautiful yarn, excellent service.

The dragon fire socks (another Knitman's yarn) I started in Mexico are progressing a lot slower than they were when I had nothing but the sun and surf around me. The pattern is a little too complex for TV watching. I shall persevere. Progress has been made.

Another of Cat's patterns, Sweet Coriolis Socks.The diagonal rib just about sent me around the bend. Kept loosing my place. Don't look too closely I am sure there are errors in there. I used Judy's Magic cast one, as usual, this one has a spiral toe. Now the second sock "spins" the other way. So there will be a new challenge. No boredom here. (Colin's yarn again, we are all enamoured of the colour pooling in this one)

I made a request for a peacock feather inspired colourway from Ray at Knitivity and he came through. I am so pleased with the colours. Head on over to facebook and "like" him. There will be some new hand dyed yarns comong up for sale today. Just tell him Susan sent you, lol.
 I am using the Wyvern Socks Pattern, a Marnie Maclean Design . It is similar to the dragon fire pattern but a little more basic, hugs the foot, not to lacy, I do not like "holes" in my socks and it is TV watching friendly.

 In honour of Spring and after months of coaxing, the lavender seeds have finally produced some hardy shoots and we are actually looking forward to some blooms. Lavender repels moths AND scorpions if that is a problem in your neck of the woods.
Maple is having a "stay over" at Grami's while her family is away for a few days. She won't come in. In fact she ignored me just now... she is staring down a squirrel on the fence.

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