Monday, April 30, 2012

"Captain" Jack Sparrow

Hold onto your crochet hook! I have just discovered a new obsession. (as if I needed another one) Take a moment and go visit this site Crochet by Numbers and click on Gallery. Then come back, I will still be here.
Now, pop over to Lee's website . Impressed??? Well, I am.

10% April 12th
Knit Picks Palette wool with a 3.5mm hook
25% complete April 15th

40% complete, April 23rd
50% complete, half way there, April 25th

60% complete, April 28th
70% complete, April 30th
Free pattern from  Lee Mac, "totallee" on Ravelry, she is a fantastic fiber artist. Very talented lady with a great sense of humour; love her "vlogs."  I am totally addicted ( pun fully intended, Lee).
 Todd, "toddapaschall" on Ravelry, has made me two patterns from personal photographs and I am learning how to make my own patterns.
Just because I have nothing to do except finish pack a whole house and move in four weeks. Cue hysterical laughter.
I will add updated pictures to this post so you can see the progress.

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