Friday, September 3, 2010

Sugar Skulls Designs

I am in a whimsical mood. The long weekend beacons AND I have a couple of days off work. The whole topic of Sugar skulls hit me when I found a design for a small bag on Ravelry. It was cute and I offered to knit one for Corinne. Better make two I have a grandaughter who will want one as well.
Then I got to thinking, always dangerous, but timely. I have plenty of time to design, knit and felt in enough time to offer this on Ravelry for "Día de los Muertos." Which is Nov 1st and 2nd. This will be a free design as I will be using another free pattern for inspiration. If all goes well I may do something else down the line. We shall see what we shall see. It is all about colour after all. The picture above is not my design and is only meant to illustrate the subject of Sugar Skulls.
My LYS, Little Red Mitten, is bringing in a new line of pure wool fingering, {be still my beating heart}, in SIXTY-FIVE colours. I swoon.
I predict.........when the lace knitting furor dies down, and it will, everything is cyclical, the knitter's are going to return to colour work. The "fair isle designer from Scotland" and yes, I now know better than to mention her name in print, is being re published. That in it self should be a clue that the knitting powers that be are gearing up for a change in taste.

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Knitman said...

I certainly appreciate the art the but I have to confess I'm not that keen on skulls. I saw a number of very attractive T-shirts whilst away, colour wise, but on closer inspection they were skulls so I left them.