Saturday, August 21, 2010


I was recently pointed out to me that I have been very remiss in my progress posting here. To tell the truth I haven't made much progress lately. I've started more then my share of projects but that is normal. LOL I have limited time in my evening to devote to my projects and writing has taken precedent lately.

SO, in an attempt to redeem myself, Here is a big ole update on me.

Hubby's Sweater: After riiiiiiping the entire sweater out and starting over I am finally past where I ended the first time. I divided off for the front and then mum suggested a better way to do the henley neck. So, more riiiiiiping and that is where I've paused. (No picture yet)

Finished Waffle Socks: I love the colours and can't wait to wear them. It's still a little warm but fall is coming fast.

Wicked Shawl: I bought some wicked witch yarn from knit picks ages ago and have finally started a shawl. We're going away to Jamaica in a month and I think this will be the project I'll take with me. I'm not naive enough to think I'll have it done before hand.

Lace Scarf: I'm knitting this for a friend of mine. At the rate I'm going, I might have it done by Yule for her. I hope.

Scotty Hat: I love the new Star Trek (have you watched it yet mum?)but, I especially love Simon Pegg as Scotty and the floppy toque he wears in the movie.. I looked on Ravelry and of course someone has already written a pattern to duplicate it. LOL Supa easy knit and I love the colour. I might make a couple more of these.

I will try to do better at updating here ;-)

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Susan said...

Yes I have seen the movie and yes he is very good at how I imagine Scotty would be as a young man. Very enjoyable. Glad to see you here. It was getting kinda lonely.
Looking forward to seeing the finished shawl. Very cool for