Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crocus Shawlette.

The yarn I ordered from KNITMAN'S KITCHEN..... BEFORE, I started my yarn fast has finally cleared Canada Customs. Colin's service is excellent, his colours bright and colour fast and the yarn is always the best quality. It is when the yarn arrives in Canada that the whole thing comes to a grinding halt. I paid duty, taxes and then a handling charge, probably for storing it for over 2 weeks..ridiculous.
This is the 100% Blue Faced Leicester Lace weight (colour, shades of harlot) I previously bought from Colin. I have been looking for JUST the right pattern to showcase the colour. This is the Crocus Shawl.(Ravelry link) The pattern is available in 3 sizes!! I am knitting with a 3mm Addi lace and believe me with out it this pattern would be a bitch to knit. Lots of challenges. I am using #8 silver lined crystal beads.
Yesterday was the first day I have had to sit and knit for an afternoon, uninterrupted by phones or humidity. It was glorious. remember you can " click" on the pictures to see the detail.
This pattern even has nupps. The jury is out on whether I am going to try them again. I wimped out on the first chart and left them out. I am about to start then next chart. We will see. Stay tuned.

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Knitting-twitter said...

,,oh yes, Colin has fantastic yarn..
your new colors look fantastic and your new shawl is great too..
all the best