Sunday, August 15, 2010

Totally Obsessed

I have been looking for a circular blocking wire for months, nay, years. I read, with abounding joy, over at the Faculty Meeting Knitter , of a source for said wire. I fired off an email, on a Friday evening, to Down In The Country Fibers. Totally amazed the next day to receive an email back apologizing because she didn't catch the noon mail on Saturday. Then I got a credit back for an overcharge on the postage. Service like this is rare indeed. Kudos to Down In The Country.
Detail from the sleeve for the Lily Chin sleeve which I am knitting flat.
I must say that I feel it is a cop out for a designer to say "increase or decrease in pattern" when the "pattern" is lace. Can I do this? Of course. However if I wanted to write a pattern I would. Time constraints mean I now have to use my limited knitting time writing the pattern before I can proceed. Ticks me off and means this dress is going to take even longer to knit.
Now this is total enjoyment. The Crocus Shawlette is moving right along. I have finished row 54 of chart 2. The pictures were taken in natural light and are the exact colour of the wool Colin so cleverly dyed.
Half the work gently blocked. Just look at those nupps. Gorgeous if I do say so.

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