Friday, September 24, 2010

Up to my eyes in wool

Two strands of Moda Dea with a 6 mm needle
 Because I have nothing better to do.... I am starting yet another sweater, This is for another nephew who likes to go camping in Algonquin Park, in the winter. Hardy lad. His requirements are: earth tones, washable wool, not itchy, preferably Merino, drop shoulder, no ribbing and thickish, large enough to wear with layers, and something suitable to wear by the campfire. That translates into a 52" fleece type pullover. Easy Peasy.

This is a more accurate picture of the colour

I have nailed it so to speak. Moda Dea is a perfect wool for this project. ( Used it in it's worsted tension for the skull sweater) Crisis of magnitude has been discontinued. WHAT?? I liken this to popular programs on the television. Every one likes it so cancel it. I sent out some feelers on Ravelry to those with Moda Dea in their stash. No one was willing to part with any. I understand perfectly. I finally had to resort to eBay. The shame of it all but they came through. I got 9 balls from upper New York State and I have 6 balls coming from Mississippi. With exchange and shipping at least it will cost me the same as if I had bought it here in Canada.
I swatched with two strands held as one and a 5.5 mm needle but it was too stiff. Switched to two strands and a 6 mm needle and it is perfect. Bulky but soft and pliable. Another plus with this wool is the strands are cabled not just twisted. When you hold it up to the light the "halo" is minimal therefore it does not pill. I am tempted to head out and buy up everything I can After all I can always sell it on eBay. I do have to pick up a contrast for a Bear Claw pattern on the back. I am graphing it out and once I am satisfied with the results I will add the graph here and on Ravelry for anyone else to use. All I require is that credit be given where it is due and you do not sell the pattern. Thank you in advance. Yes, I am still working on the Sugar Skull graph. Who needs to sleep, work, eat....OK, ok I can live "off the fat of the land" for a while yet.

Jewels of the Rubaiyat

My Dad had a copy of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. It was a small leather bound book with beautiful colour plates inside. Each colour page had a piece of tissue over the plate so it wouldn't stick to the printed page. It was beautiful to hold, and look at. The jewel tone colours leapt off the page. If you have never read these Persian love poems you should they are beautiful. 
All that brings me to this. I want to knit  a sweater derived from a pattern of AS's. I have been advised of the care that should be taken when referring to this designer. As I am not knitting the pattern with the exact colours in the exact wool then the designer does not appreciate you calling your knitting project by the same name as the pattern. Works for me. Life is to short to get bent out of shape. Ergo I will be calling this sweater "Jewels of the Rubaiyat." I have given the designer credit on my Ravelry page for the inspiration. I hope that's not an infringement of any copyright. 

Shetland wool
 I ordered the above Harrisville Shetland Wool from the Red Mitten.They have 100 colours in stock. Oh Joy Oh Bliss. The colours are to "dye" for. I am anxious to start swatching. That will be my Saturday project, stay tuned for more pictures of the swatch in progress. I will post my colour choices. The neutral tones don't show up very well in the picture. It will be interesting to see if they work in the knitting. Well, that is why we swatch..right? I am hoping the new circular needle I bought at the Knitter's Fair is the right size. It is circular but the needles themselves are square. I leave you to figure that out.

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