Saturday, September 18, 2010


Low Cal Blueberry Pi: Roughly blocked EZ's half pi shawl in alpaca fine. 6mm clear Ab finish glass beads sprinkled like sugar crystals. Perfect Pi for the calorie conscious.
Tomten Jacket: in WooBu, tension swatch 5.5 sts to inch 5.5 ridges (11 rows) to the inch with a 4mm needle. I originally bought this wool for the Traveling sweater but it didn't work out for me. so now I have new plans for it.
Cast on 221 stitches and just knit back and forth until the pattern then I will worry about what to do next.
Crocus shawlette: whole lot of wet wool. Amazing how it blocks out!
Blocked and drying and only two ends to weave in. Very Happy with the result.
Close up of the edging. Look at those nupps! My father, God rest his soul, used to say, "Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back."
(as usual click on pictures for a close up)

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..ok,let me do the job..patting on your are doing very nice projects...super..
greetings from Switzerland..Christa
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