Friday, May 8, 2009

When it's time to hibernate....

Exactly what is the time limit when you have to accept the fact that a project in your knitting bag has reached hibernation status and should be moved to the closet to make room for the new projects? My Hallowe'en mystery shawl and Mitered kids jacket haven't been out of my knitting bag in over a month. Honestly I can't see myself working on either of them in the foreseeable future. So if I take them out...I have so much more room in my bag.

We have had our first taste of early summer and I find myself with a list of projects I plan to cast on in the next couple weeks. It must be a Spring fertility thing, my new projects are multiplying. LOL

Mum and I are going to be doing the Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl '09 starting May 16. On May 15th I'll be casting on a pair of socks for Sock Wars. Then there is the Clapotis I really want to make after seeing a finished one at the Knitter's Frolic.

Now the mystery shawl and socks have to be worked on inside a specific time frame, so they shouldn't count. The Clapotis is because I need something easy to knit when I'm at the kidlet's gymnastic tournaments.

I'll have my Guinness socks done before all that starts, so all that leaves is Chris' cabled sweater. Wow that's not bad at all. Technically, I will only have 2 projects on the go. I can cast on that lovely yellow-green yarn for my (ravelry link)Kiila knee socks. Guilt Free!!!


Susan said...

Je faite aussi le Clapotis. (All french speakers cringe)lol
Isn't this the gorgeous scarf we saw just as we were leaving when I refrained from spending soixante-cinq dollars on that gorgeous laine vert? I thought so. Hey, I am thinking the next time Carl is on an extended day how's about we drive to Port Hope the The Black Lamb? I would call ahead to make sure they were open cause I would hate to drive 3 hours and then have to do someone an injury cause they were closed..ooooo I thought you gave the Guinness socks away. Knee socks are you nuts...says knitter of kilt hose.."shaking my head"

Susan said...

...oh and by the way...They are already hibernating they just forgot to tell you.

FeyRhi said...

Yes technically the Guiness socks are not mine do to a shift in the space/time continuem that suddenly made them too small for my feet. Damn dementional shifts. I'm only a couple inches up the leg, a couple more should do it.

I'm up for a drive to Port Hope but isn't there anything closer?