Sunday, May 31, 2009

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Clue #3 was released today for the Mystery Anniversary Shawl. So far, I have Clue 1 done. I'd like to get clues #2-3 done before next Saturday. Lofty goals considering how fast the stitch count is adding up. LOL. I really like the pattern so far and I'm loving the yarn.

How's yours doing MUM???

Knit Picks Shadow Kettle Dyed "Jay"

I've been working on my Insidious socks for Sock Wars. To be honest I was hoping I'd be dead by now and could, guilt free, ship the socks to my assassin to finish. Terrible. I know, but I really want to work on my shawl. I have about 9 rows left till the toe decrease, not too much since my target wears a size 7. I was working on it while doing my volunteer/voluntold hours at my daughter's gymnastic competition this weekend.

I love these sock so much and I wonder if my procrastination is because I don't want to give them away. LOL As soon as I put them in the mail, I'll be over at SPUN picking up another ball to make my self a pair.

Tofutsies #930 Pernacious

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Knitman said...

Both the shawl and the socks are beautiful colours.