Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer Projects...100% wool

There is one specific fact about dealing with string and sticks that every fibre artist has to contend with. The seasons you start a project is not always the same season it gets finished in. Especially if you suffer from Startitus, which I am plagued with every once in a while. I am often knitting on light colourful cotton projects in the middle of winter and then trying to work on heavy woolen projects in the summer. I guess that might be one explanation for my recent obsession with socks. They get worn year round and there is a much faster turn over. *G* I found a pattern for a winter project that could be done in an evening or two, but it would be best to start it now.

This is a knitted helmet liner, referred to as a Wooly Pulley. The pattern can be found HERE It has to be 100% wool, NO ACRYLICS. Remember that the troops can be exposed to extreme heat in some situations and they don't need their liner melting against them. Also wool is still warm even when wet. This is something that wouldn't take long to make up a few of them, and still have lots to time to get it shipped overseas to the troops before it gets cold. Hopefully, by that time I will have found an address I can send it to for our troops.

I'll give the Americans full credit, I think that they do a lot more for their soldiers then we do. There are tons of groups that donate knitted accessories for their troops. Now what frustrates me is how hard it is to do anything like that for our Canadian Forces. When I was a Girl Guide leader, we wanted to send cards to them and I got so frustrated trying to send a package to the troops and make sure it GETS to the troops overseas. The Canadian Forces have so many rules and regulations with packages and web pages to fumble through, I spent hours and just got more frustrated.

One of these days,I'm going to set up something myself. Right now I just don't have the time to commit to it and I want to do it right not half-assed. If anyone knows of something that is already set up for the Canadian Forces, PLEASE let me know!

~Daughter #1

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