Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Colour" should be my middle name!

This is the Knitman's Hand Dyed Sock Yarn. Colours: Mosel (upper), Lagoon (right) and Firebird (left)
 4mm needle, it's the Linen Stitch Scarf. All for me. This remind me of the mosaic ceilings in the church of San Marco, Venice....sigh
Every row comes out a little different than the repeat before.The scarf will be about 5 inches wide..thereabouts.
 I finally have all the wool for Marc's sweater and will get that on the needles next week. We are going away for the weekend to visit with family. I will take this scarf to work on. In the meantime I am content to sit in the quiet and watch the pattern unfold. Both sides of this scarf are simply stunning!

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Granny's Girls said...

The colour seems to dance as it weaves back and forth. Very enlightening. I think that is a good match for the hank of muted dusky rose and sage green. I first want to ge the royal blue merino/mullberry off the kneedles. I needed to clean up the projects and start fresh with only 1 task at hand. I find more productivity with time and moderation.