Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mulbery and Merino, Diagonal Border Cardigan

The mossy mobius baskets are quick and fun to make. Using freedom wool with a strand of eyelash brings this progect to life. Four packets of Ice Blue Koolaid in a cup of water give this basket a misty effect with electric green hairs. Before felting this basket measures a foot in diameter. Hot water and agitation will shrink it to half its size. Fun and a unique way of magicaly twisting the handle while winding around to the bowl with no seams.

From Diamond yarn with Mulberry and Merino. I love this sweater, cant wait to get both of them done. The paterns are simple and well writen.

The royal blue is for mum and knit with smaller size needle makes the weight of a jacket. I have the emerald green, adjustments to the length have been made and with the suggested tension.

I have this walnut, hand crafted wood product from canada. I like this sweater being so versatile with many ways to dress it up. I do find the yarn has a slight twist and can tangle with other stitches but love the smooth, silky texture.

Daughter #2


Susan said...

Beautiful tension there Jules!! Can't wait to see the finished results.

Donna said...

I LOVE that sweater. Please tell me how I can get the pattern.