Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Knitting Karma

I admit I have a habit of starting a bunch of projects at the same time, and many of them are never finished. But, after a phone call the other day from a friend I have a very good reason to start and finish a few new pretties.

A friend of mine called me the other day and told me that her niece has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is facing a mastectomy. A terrifying situation to face no matter what age you are but to have to make such a difficult decision in your 20's breaks my heart. But, the real reason for her call is that she wanted to know what 'p2tog' meant.
She and her daughters are knitting chemo caps for Mount Sinai Hospital and could I help them and would I be willing to knit some too?

I was on Ravelry as soon as I got home and digging through my stash minutes after that. I started a cap but then ripped it out. I mean, it looked like something my granny would wear and cancer doesn't discriminate according to age. So, I've found some funky patterns and yarns that would appeal to a younger age group. I need to have as many finished as possibly by the end of the month. As soon as their done I'll take a picture of them.

My first project is an Aviator style cap I found on the Head Huggers website. Great site with lots of patterns for all different crafters.

~Daughter #1


One pair of Hands said...

That is heart-breaking. I'm so sorry. Power to your needles.

Shorespinner said...

I went through breast cancer treatment for 14 months in 08 and 09. I knitted my own chemo caps using a pattern from Elann - Pi Topper - and Rowan Calmer. I loved the pattern, which has a little tab I held down with a special button or a pin. As a breast cancer patient I grew to HATE pink. My hats were other colors, NOT PINK!
Good luck to your friend's niece. I wasn't happy I got breast cancer, but my life has changed in some positive ways as well as negative ones.

FeyRhi said...

Thank you, One Pair.

I love the idea that the hats can be personalize with a pin of something. Thanks for the suggestion, Shorespinner. I can understand your feelings towards the colour pink.

Susan said...

I am in too. I have downloaded the Hairy Cap #10 from Headhugger. I promise no pink. I am all about the "Funky Fake Hair." I think it will appeal to young survivors.

FeyRhi said...

Awesome, Beanie said she wants to get all she can together for the beginning on November. I have yarn and patterns for so many now I'm not certain I can get them all done in time. LOL
Although there is no reason why we can't send a bunch more to Mt.S. in a few more months.

Ryleigh asked this morning if I could help her knit one as well.

FeyRhi said...

Oh I should add that I love the funky fake hair!