Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just when things were going well....

It is 7:30 in the morning and I am sitting in bed cranking out a couple of rows on my knitting and having my morning coffee. Idyllic senario. Then the coffee mug fell off the end table INTO my knitting bag! Need I remind you I am knitting with cotton? I yelled jumped and dropped my guessed it..into the knitting bag. Which by the way happens to be a heavy clear PLASTIC tote.

"the culprit"
I am screaming at this point as I dash to the bathroom and plunge everything into the bathroom sink and turn on the cold water. Wailing all the time..."I just finished round 58!" Carl in his wisdom remains silent.

"The whole soggying mass. "
Yes, that is a brand new ball of cotton that I just put into the bag last night.
It does not appear to be stained by the coffee. I flushed all that out..sigh..I wonder if the ball will ever dry out. I wonder if I use the hair dryer.... on low..... Hmmm?????

(edit) knitting has resumed...a might dampish...I used the hairdryer...sigh...I also started a new ball of cotton...the others will be days drying out. What a mess.


Susan said...

Poltergeists? Suicidal mug of coffee? I can imagine that sprint to the bathroom was done in World Record time! It can make one downright cranky when things like that happen so it's good to hear that the cloth has survived its dousing and dunking. Do you have enough cotton if those balls are coffee stained further in?

Susan said...

Honest to god I didn't bump the mug it just flew off the table!With my usual caution I bought a box of cotton.(10) I think Julie said she used 6..whew...

Julie said...

If it winds up stained, dunk the whole blasted thing (when finished) into weak coffee when you're done with it, and then block. You'll have beige lace instead of white. Our foremothers used to do it all the time (though more often with tea). I've dyed with coffee before. It comes out reasonably even and colorfast. Just uneven enough to look hand-dyed, which is the point and makes you look fabulously clever and creative.

Good luck, and hang in there.