Saturday, April 18, 2009

I hate crappy needles...

I discovered a few years back that not only am I a yarn snob (kinda) but I am addicted to GOOD tools. Case in point. I am knitting on the Tea cloth with a needle that has an annoying transition from the nylon to the needle. Of course it is not an Addi! Silly question. I was trying to be frugal. You put over 600 stitches on a 32" needle and see how long frugality lasts! I drove to the other side of the city to go to London Yarns to pick up a 47" Addi. Damn blast me I should have called first..they were out BUT she let me buy the 32" and will exchange it when the longer ones come in. At least I won't have to put up with the "hiccup" (as she describes it)( I liken it more to a "hangnail"). Check the concentration on my face..counting or what? Lordy, I had no idea I frowned so much. The stitches are sluggish but I can survive another week..maybe. The Knitters Frolic looms. (Strawberry fruit wine ...blech!)
Here is a close up from a couple of days ago. I give you round 99! Ta Dah!! Knitting in the sunshine, "sing a little sunshine song!!"

Daughter #3 is on sabbatical from the blog. We will miss her over the summer months. Hey kiddo, Stop by an say hi in the comments when you get a chance!


Anonymous said...

Why is she taking the summer off?


Susan said...

What a lovely photo of you! That cloth is going to be gorgeous. It looks like you're really ploughing through it as well. How many stitches on the needle now compared to the last row of the pattern? And how's the black sweater going?

May said...

I would like to subscribe to your blog. Can you add an email subscription box to it?

I love your knitted lace.

I get Google alerts for Granny Annie, my Boston Terrier who is very old and has 3 legs. This came up.

I also spin. I have a Rambouillet fleece that is probably rotting away in its mothballs that I must spin up.

Looks like this will be fun.


Granny's Girls said...

Uh long have you had that fleece? Is it still in the grease?
Might I suggest you wash it if so.
as much as I love this template it isn't as "friendly" as the newer formats. I am checking into a subscription box(?). Bear with me.
Thanks for the comments much appreciated~Susan