Monday, April 27, 2009

What I forgot to tell you...

I almost made an ass of myself on Saturday. Corinne and I were looking at sock yarn when I made the comment "Oh, this is what Stephanie (The Yarn Harlot) was talking about the other day."
Corinne said, "Speaking off..." and I looked up and there she was in the booth next to us. I almost blurted something out when I caught myself just in time. Whew. Just because I read her blog every morning, have all her books ( except this one and new one) and her calendar is on my office desk and have come to feel as if I know her and her family she doesn't know who the hell I am! Anyone who gets over 200 comments on a blog post must get accosted all the time. Anyway it was nice to see her there and to know we both shop at Wellington Fibres.
Update: the 47" Addi I bought has made all the difference in knitting the Tea Cloth. I expect to finish Part E tonight after work. Then I will take a picture. It is not going to be finished this month unless I quit I have so many stitches on the needle now and it takes so long to do one round I think setting my birthday (May 31) as a finish date is doable. This has been Olympic training for knitting the "Queen" or as I plan on calling it "The Tzarina." Do to my automobile expenses...grrr...the required yarn purchase will have to wait till the end of May. It would be nice to cast on that project as a present to myself.

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