Thursday, April 9, 2009

Regia Exotics...Kaffe Fassett Design Line

Wow, followed by OMG. You won't believe what this yarn knits like. I saw a sample and I was done in. It waves and pools and zig zags,,,and the colours..deelish!! Next week work for me will be at a display at the mall and the boss came right out and said I could knit if I got bored. Oh yes!! I figured I can talk and knit socks at the same time. I'll get the toes done this weekend so I will be ready to go come Monday morning.

Exotic turquoise ..... above

Exotic pool ..... below

Oooing and Ahhhing



FeyRhi said...

I hope this came out of your stash! No new yarn for you until the Frolic. Is Jules still going to come with us?

Susan said...

I haven't heard from her. I hope so. Sandy called last night she would like to join us. We can picnic again.
Mea culpa... I confess.... I went to get a circular needle and the evil lady had this sock yarn right next to the needles. It's not my fault.

Susan said...

I'm not sure that's a valid excuse young lady :-). Love the exotic pool colourway. Purple, yum. So Canadians don't get Easter Monday as a Public Holiday? I'm on a four day weekend here *happy dance*.