Sunday, April 26, 2009

Knitters Frolic 2009

Well, I finally made it. Three trips to the car rental place to pick up a car (what a fiasco) and I was off to Milton to pick up Sandy and Corinne.
After the disastrous Thursday evening I was a little nervy about driving in Toronto but everything went extremely well with Corinne navigating from the back seat.
What an incredible show. Absolutely tons on vendors.This is one corner of one room.

First purchase was my Addi lace 2mm needle for the Heirloom Lace pattern which I expect, to arrive, this week from England. Later I found a 47" 2.75mm for the Welsh tea cloth. Two things on my list!

After reading all the spinning posts over the last couple of months and with summer approaching I have been feeling the spinning bug. The sight of Julie's berry yarn has had me itching to have another go. It has been years since I sat at the wheel and I am looking forward to peaceful miles of new wool. I have never seen so much roving in one place. I fell into a bag of Shetland/Romney to die for and bought all Hopeful Shetlands had of that particular blend.

Corinne was wearing her smart bolero jacket, pattern from Spun, and was stopped every two feet by admiring comments. She spent time directing everyone to their booth until I told her to get some cards and pass them out. The intarsia design is of her own making and is around here somewhere.
Which reminds me...I am going to print out our "free patterns" to pdf format and put them in the side panel to make it easier for you to download. More on that later.

Even Sandy has been bitten by the lace bug. I accept all blame Ernie, she couldn't help herself there were so many gorgeous patterns from Needle Arts Book Shop to choose from.

Speaking of Sandy watch for a link to her blog, "The Geezer and the Vintage Bitch."
Coming to your computer anytime soon!
On the subject of vintage Corinne and I picked up glass vintage knitting pendants at Main St Yarns, Sandy's LYS in Milton. I almost had a stroke when I found this.

Be still my beating heart. It is almost impossible to find anything Welsh and Knitting. I was very happy. Corinne's is vintage WWII knitting sox for soldiers and sports the naughty phrase,"Knit your bit." Too funny she couldn't resist. Grampy would have loved it.
Back to Needle Arts Books I glammed onto a copy of "Heirloom Knitting" by Sharon Miller. This was on my birthday list last year. I computed the exchange from pounds to Can$$ added the fee for the postal order and the customs duty and decided buying it now was an economic decision in my favour. I can rationalize just about anything when it comes to knitting...heheh

Whilst wandering around I came across Wellington Fibres. Now, I have been planning a trip here "when the nice weather comes." Oh, I will be going for sure now that I have seen their roving. This would be a great picnic outing the next time I have the grand daughters for the weekend and it would be a treat if Corinne and her girls could meet us. We will have to work on that. Anyway I bought this box of 50% mohair and 50% wool roving. Colour "sandstone" positively silky I will practise on the Shetland/Romney first. I have lots of that to work on before I spin this beauty.

We were heading out the door when I realized I had not bought one ball of yarn. Roving to be sure but I can't go home without any wool. Be serious! I had looked at every colour of this merino and silk lace weight. Corinne ruled out the coral as "Pepto bismol pink" I still think it was coral. The greys were too much like my settled on this aubergine and with 1400m on 100gm I am sure there is a shawl lurking in there.

I kept trying to remember a pattern a had seen on Knitty that required beads and couldn't think of it till now. It is the "Shipwrecked Shawl."
I was looking at the 8mm Toho beads trying to remember what I wanted 5000 beads for. Oh well that will have to wait for later anyway.

You have to love the sisterhood of knitters that one came along just as we were setting up for a picture and insisted that we be together for the photo. She even included our shopping. Now I call that a discerning eye! Thank you, "fellow fibre person," where ever you are. So here we are Tired and Broke but very satisfied with our day!

The only thing that would have made the day perfect would have been having Julia there with us...


Granny's Girls said...

Thank you for still carrying on with out me. I know you had a lovely time and that you all are smiling with the new addition to your stashes. Giggles!

~Daughter #2

FeyRhi said...

"Corinne navigating from the back seat." Such a nice way to describe my backseat driving LOL

Susan said...

Tsk Tsk, That was not meant as a tongue in cheek comment (Geeze Mom, speed up) It was helpful to have the directions read out to me.