Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Ultimate Challenge.

I just have to get an international money order in Pounds Sterling and this will be in the mail.


FeyRhi said...

WOW, that is beautiful. Do you already have something in your stash for this? OR is this what you will be looking for at the Knitter's Frolic?

Susan said...

I will be looking for Gossamer Weight. Failing that I can order it from England. I realize I am a process knitter. I knit for the joy of knitting. I have no where to wear something like this I just want to make it!

Susan said...

My mind just boggles looking at this. Does not compute. It's absolutely stunning but I couldn't ever imagine knitting such a piece. Nearly 2 metres square on 2.0mm needles? Ouch.

Susan said...

no, can't wait, knitting candy...heheh... I am demented I know.