Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I like it too.

I am happy with the new look. Just thought I would give you a little background on the "Title" bar. If you have an ounce of Welsh in you then somewhere in your past you will have a Granny Jones. My Granny Jones would be my great-great grandmother. Her name was Catherine and although this is not an actual picture of her in her Sunday best. I like to think this is representative of her. The larger picture shows her knitting resting in her lap..probably a sock on the "go". The ball of yarn is hooked to her skirt pocket. There is a "generation" photo with her in it somewhere. I must ask Corinne to go album diving. When it is found we will post it.

We are of hardy Welsh stock, humble and hard working. Our palatial home a white washed thatched cottage.
When Corinne was 10 she and I crossed these stones to reach the castle ruins at Ogmore. Our Auntie Kate ( Granny Ann's Aunt and named after the aforementioned Catherine) had told me how they used to have a days outing at Ogmore when she was a girl.
Lastly one of the many sheep to be seen "up the valleys"...specifically the Rhondda Valley.
So there you go. Welcome to our bit of Nantyglo DNA.......


Rhonda said...

I love the fact that there's a valley with my name on it.

Susan said...

My paternal Grandmother was a Jenkins. That makes me part of the family doesn't it? :-)