Thursday, April 23, 2009

No one is more shocked then me.

Hubby: Hey how come you don't knit those things I can wash dishes with anymore?
Me: A dishcloth?
Hubby: Yes whatever. I liked those.
Me: They got smelly.
Hubby: Can't you just knit a new one? You used to make those things in no time.

And so started this weird 'thing' with dishcloths. I picked up some cheepy Bernat cotton and figured I would whip one up.... Do you know there are monthly dishcloth groups? KALs even? I found one with a football on it...and then one with a bottle of wine and a glass, and another that says 'I *heart* Knitting! Suddenly, I find myself wanting to knit nothing but dishcloths. Bright colours, funky designs. You know if I knit up about 32 I could sew them all together and make a picnic blanket.

Oh my dear goddess what has happened to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The knitter's frolic can't come soon enough! I need to renew my yarn snobbery.

~Daughter #1

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