Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just a itsy-bitsy contribution

All done! Hurrah!

It was fun to make I will admit but it will be a long time before I make anything else this tiny. It's hard because you really have to look at every stitch as you do them. No watching tv and knitting. Also I needed really good light and an alert mind to sew it up. Then cable is only on the front, I tried to put on on the hat as well but it just didn't work out. For something so small, I frogged quite a few parts of it.

It's interesting to learn what works on normal size knitting really doesn't when working on something this small. For example, I originally did the garter stitch at the top in the same brown as the ribbing. (I should have taken a picture for comparison.) Trust me it looked way to heavy. I'm much happier with the look now.

~daughter #1


Susan said...

OMG that is so cute....and her said her would never knit with tiny needles..hahahahahah

Susan in Oz said...

Insanity diagnosis confirmed LOL. Seriously, it is cute and a work of art really!